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mohammed atta portland airport security video
mohammed atta airport photo 9 11 01
(Photos: Apparently, these photos show alleged "hijackers" Alomari and Atta go through security in Portland.
Strangely, the photos show two time stamps, one showing 5:45, the other showing 5:53)

Flight 77 Dulles gate security Portland video

The lost terror drill- Pt.11 B wargames ( cont. from A)

The article furthermore reveals:

-three fire units in DC had been already involved in an exercise on the morning of Sept 11th,
two more had been sent to a hoax incident, on the morning of September 11
-there was a terror meeting on Sept 10th, at the Johnstown airport in the Westmore County/ Shanksville area

Colgan Flight 5930

Officially only 8 passengers had been aboard Colgan Flight.
If Atta and Alomari really had been on this flight, it must have been a different one, an unlisted flight.
Colgan aka US Airways Express Flight 5930 wasn't listed at BTS.
Colgan Air/US Express didn't even fly out of Portland Jetport directly to Boston on that day.

But obviously one flight from Portland to Boston took place, for some particular reason.

We can assume, that at least Alomari was represented by a "stand-in":
As Guardian reported on Sept 20th, the real Abdulaziz Alomari came forward in Saudi Arabia and informed the authorities that his passport had been stolen in 1995 while he studied electrical engineering at the University of Denver.
He reported the identity theft at the time.
“I am not the one who bombed the World Trade Centre..."

Almost unknown, three of the other known "Colgan"-passengers, who "witnessed" the suspects, had U.S. Government connections...:


Vincent Meisner was working for Honeywell.

Honeywell is a Aerospace & Defense contractor, which merged with AlliedSignal in 1999.
They're specialised in aircraft landing systems and aerospace electronic systems.
Honeywell is also part of General Electric's computer business, known as Honeywell Information Systems. They're headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey.

According to Inside Edition (Sept 18th), "Meisner was sitting next to Atta".
This conflicts with earlier reports, where he just "bumped one of them" with his luggage and described the other, Alomari, as "nervous".
In another AP version, Meisner was a seat "one row behind" Atta.

We also learn, that Meisner was on his way to San Jose, Calif. His plane was diverted to Chicago.

"Witness" Brian Guerrette, works for the U.S. government in Augusta, at the Maine Bureau of Information Services, since 1999.

BIS is exploring the use of satellites to carry data traffic to remote State Office sites and to serve as backup connections to the State of Maine computing Network.

Roger Quirion of Winslow, Maine, who claimed he observed alleged Atta and Alomari, said they were "joined at the hip," while waiting at the gate.
Quirion also works at the same Maine Bureau.
Furthermore, he is a systems team leader in the Development Services Division of BIS.


Then we have official account of Atta's Motel in Portland and the an odd story of her former manager, Laura Wale:

"...For a long time, a lot of people thought I felt responsible...
What could I have done?" she said. "But when you're a hotel (general manager)... you're accountable for that property 24-7.
And it happened at that hotel. That's where it all started out."
At turns, she sounds impatient and agitated. Her story veers off into conspiracy theories.

How did government agents know to storm the Comfort Inn only hours after the
Twin Towers fell? Why did the FBI release surveillance video of Atta and
Alomari at various locations in South Portland, but not the lobby of the
Comfort Inn?
What, she wonders, is on that tape?...

What does Wale really know?
Did she see someone else instead of Atta and Alomari? Their stand-ins?
Or did Atta and Alomari never really arrive at all?

Wale was working on a book on her post-Sept. 11 experiences "while trying to regain a semblance of her old life with the help of a therapist, her friends and family"

However her book was never released.

The suspicious background of Portland and Atta's famous first flight could point on another secret BlackOP terror drill.
Purpose: Observing and profiling an attempted hijack by the FBI.

Delta 1989- the "mirror flight" of UA175

According to many different articles and a diary witness report, Delta Flight 1989, which departed only a few minutes earlier than UA175, seems to have been part of a "passive" terror drill.
This means, most possibly, their passengers had no clue, what was going on.

However something really odd happened aboard:
"... [My husband] and I and six other fellow [...] employees were on the 8 am flight from Boston to Los Angeles on Tuesday, but we were on the Delta flight [1989], the one out of three 8am flights departing Logan that did not get hijacked. Instead, we were forced to make an emergency landing in Cleveland because there were reports that a bomb or hijacking was taking place on our plane. The pilot had radioed that there was suspicious activity in the cabin since one of the passengers was speaking urgently on his cellphone and ignored repeated flight attendant requests to stop using his cell phone while in flight. Also, there was an irregularity in the passenger manifest because there were two people [with the same middle eastern name] who were listed but only one aboard. ..."

According to press reports, 140 unidentified passengers had been interviewed at NASA Glenn Research Lab. Only 69 of them came possibly from grounded flight DELTA 1989.

However, NASA Glenn Research, is located near the west end of the airport.
It was already evacuated.
At least one passenger of Delta 1989 confirmed, that she was taken into a "secure building at the airport".
This is confirmed by another report that the Delta 1989 passengers were interviewed in the FAA headquarter (4B).

Where did the other 140 passengers come from, why did they got interviewed at NASA Glenn and what happened with them?

According to Portsmouth Herald, Colgan Air "Atta"-witnesses Quirion and Guerrette called the FBI after their flight "was diverted to Cleveland" and they learned about the hijackers.
Meisner called the FBI after he returned to Maine.

According to Blethen Maine Service ("MAINERS ON PLANE WITH SUSPECTS", LexisN.), Quirion and Guerrett "ended up in Cleveland", when their pilot told the 69 passengers aboard that he had to land in that city because "two small rental planes" had crashed into the World Trade Center, Quirion said.

Here we learn, that these "witnesses" obviously followed another hijack-connection coincidentally on another flight:

"....In Cleveland, Quirion and Guerrette had to wait in the plane on the
tarmac for three hours until FBI agents interviewed each passenger
separately at a Federal Aviation Administration building.* The airline
then put passengers up at a local Holiday Inn.

At the airport, FBI agents asked the passengers a variety of questions
about the Delta flight, so Quirion and Guerrette said they never thought
at the time to give them any information about the Portland flight - or
any of the people who were on it..."

Does that means, that Quirion and Guerrette had been also aboard Flight1989, which was confused with a hijack? Or which flight did they take?

I will leave that open. It could be also possible, that they entered a different plane to Cleveland, as described in one WoodyBox article as "flight X", or also in his forthcoming articles.

However, this is again one coincidence too much.

Was Delta1989 supposed to be part of a "hijack exercise"?
Did Quirion or Guerrette participate in this follow-up drill as well?

Many similarities between the timelines and routes of the official four other hijacked flights point on that possibility:

If you check out John Doe's Timeline from Delta 1989, between 9:28 and 9:30 AM, the words "get out of there", seemed to have come from both Delta 1989 and Flight 93.
Then at around 9:32 AM, both Flight 93 and Delta 1989 seemed to announce a "hijack".

At 9:41, flight93 officially turned off the transponder.
At the very same time, Boston Center called NEADS (already involved in a "wargame") and identified Delta 1989 as a possible hijack.

Delta1989 also mirrored the same route of UA175. Coincidence in the planning?

What about Capt. Paul Werner of Delta1989?
Was he aware of having been part of a terror drill?

There is another Capt. Paul Werner, who was involved in an "aviation supply support" for Kurdish refugees in Northern Iraq during Apr-Jun 1991, "Operation Provide Comfort".

Is this the same Werner, and was he on a secret mission on the morning of September 11th?

Delta1989 landed in Cleveland at 10:10 a.m, however for two hours, passengers and crew remained on the jet.

Was this to distract from another "unknown flight", which came down in Cleveland, 30 minutes later?

azmath khan

Flight 43 aka N635AA

According to Amalgam Virgo 02, a sequel of Amalgam 01, which was officially planned for 2002,
this updated "joint U.S.- Canadian terrorism exercise" included now two planes.

A Delta 757, with actual Delta pilots in the flight deck, will be hijacked by FBI agents as it makes its trip from Salt Lake City to Honolulu. That plane will be diverted in midair to Elmendorf Air Base in Anchorage, Alaska.

Is it possible, that these "FBI agents" already played their part on September 11th?

Mostly unknown, on the morning of September 11th, two passengers of Flight 43, Mohammed Azmath and Syed Gul Mohammad Shah, on a San Antonio-bound plane that took off from Newark, but was grounded in St Louis, had been whisked out of the plane by the FBI, accused of having been part of another hijack.

However, the FBI let them go. Then, one day later, both were on an amtrak train, and again pulled off on September 12 in Fort Worth, Texas, when authorities thought they acted suspiciously.

Both went to jail for almost a year.
Was Flight43 a backup plan for another 5th passive hijack-drilled plane?

Or was it also a distraction from an active terror drill, a "real" fifth, hijacked plane?

And why did the public never hear again of the once, in NY POST described, 20th and 21st hijacker?

Flight 29

Pretty much unknown, and recently discovered by 9/11 researcher John Doe II (Team 8+), are the strange circumstances around "Flight 29", which was officially scheduled for Thursday, September 13th (It's also listed at BTS).
According to an article in WP, "three people" had been obviously part of another attempted hijack:

"...Jim Hunter, a passenger on an American Airlines flight scheduled to leave John F. Kennedy International Airport for Los Angeles Thursday, said officers with guns drawn stormed the flight from the front and rear at about 8 p.m. They handcuffed and removed three people after ordering all passengers to the floor. The flight was canceled..."

Interestingly, the article mentioned in its beginning "two armed groups", which got detained.
What happened with the other group?
And why did they carry "false identification and open tickets to U.S. destinations dated Tuesday
...They also had certificates from a Florida flight training school..."

Was this article just the beginning of a long series of fabricated propaganda, or based on a real story?
Was there another undercover drill team, but not really briefed in time or was the original script of Sept 11th much more advanced than we know?

The article also reveals an old corrected "mistake" by the FBI.
In this version, still only 18 people officially hijacked the planes.

9/11 researcher John Doe II knows more.
In reality, totally different people had been "scripted" for 9/11:

Among them: Adnan and Ameer Bukhari, Abdul Rahman Al Omari and Ameer Taiyb Kamfar, but someone unscripted them from the passenger lists.
Who did it?
And why did ex-CIA Dale Watson, who looked at the FBIHQ, first into these lists, allow only a few days later, bin laden-"saudis" with the same last name of the 9/11 manifests, to leave the U.S. with passenger aircraft?

One more reason, that 9/11 must have been orchestrated from someone from the inside.
This script makes no sense.

Other hijacked drills

It is possible, that additionally 7 other planes did participate in either a "passive" or "active" hijack drill, without even the knowledge of both pilots and passengers, and most possible to either confuse or distract from the other hijacked drills, or as a possible backup plan.

The FBI did never officially explain, if there really was a fifth hijacked plane, or even more.
And though the FBI was able to locate the whereabouts of the official 19 hijackers, why didn't they find 28 other possible teamsters?:

Guardian reported, that knives of the same type used in the successful hijackings were found taped to the backs of fold-down trays on a Continental Airlines flight from Newark.

2, 3)
Knives and box cutters were found on two separate canceled Delta Airlines planes later that day, one leaving Atlanta for Brussels and the other leaving from Boston. (Time, 9/22/01, Independent, 9/25/01)

On September 14, two knives were found on an Air Canada flight that would have flown to New York on 9/11 if not for the air ban. (CNN, 10/15/01)

One report claims, that Azmath and Shah (from flight43), have been on Flight 1729, which was scheduled to depart at 8:50, but this flight did not depart, according to FAA database BTS.

Some reports claim, that there was also an attempt to hijack United Airlines Flight 23 flying from Boston to Los Angeles around 9:00 a.m:
"...Three Middle Eastern men angrily refused to get off the plane when it was canceled, then escaped security..."
In one report, mentioned some dispatchers who were told by superiors: "...Don't tell the pilots why we want them to land...One of the things that upset me was that they knew 45 minutes before that American Airlines had a problem. I put the story together myself (from news accounts)," Ballinger said.
...Kirk is adamant that Ballinger did save the passengers and crew of United Flight 23, which on Sept. 11 was about to depart from Newark, N.J., to Los Angeles. Kirk believes Flight 23 was going to be commandeered..."

However, oddly BTS didn't list a wheels-off time of Flight 23.

According to Chicago Tribune, another "box cutter knife was found" under a seat cushion on American Airlines Flight 160, a 767 that would have flown from San Diego to New York.
There was indeed a Flight 160, but once again, no wheels-off time.
The plane was scheduled to depart at 8:05 AM.


During summer 2001, the 9/11-BTS research became more popular.
Suddenly, BTS added a new disclaimer, without any further explanation:
"...On September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight #11 and #77 and United Airlines #93 and #175 were hijacked by terrorists. Therefore, on-time statistics are not available for these flights..."

More Conclusions

From the current analysis of all four official hijacked flights and the recent findings about a possible scenario of a switch, we can only come to the following conclusions:

It wasn't Flight93, which officially crashed or had been shot down in Shanksville

Flight11 and Flight 175 did not arrive in New York, it also doesn't matter, what particular non commercial objects are getting analysed by some researchers. They do not for sure, analyse AA11 and UA175, therefore also an attack on this particular part of research is not considering the bigger picture.

Flight77 did not hit the Pentagon. The object, which hit the Pentagon, wasn't a commercial aircraft. For further analysis, please check all updates from researchers Richard Stanley & Jerry Russell and their associates.
For further details, on what might have happened with the alleged aircraft plane, some witnesses saw, please also check out Dick Eastman's research.
Jim Hoffman, who recently flip-flopped on this angle, does not explain the whole background.

All September 11th passengers must have been killed somewhere else.

The Anthrax "Ignorance"

dark winter drill september 11

Most 9/11 researcher often ignore, that September 11th followed a very advanced timeline, but something also went wrong.

It is now very clear, that a bio-nuclear threat WAS part of the original script of the September 11th attacks.

Most possibly, a dirty bomb attack was put on hold, but an alleged "bio attack" took place.
The drill for this scenario restarted at least on September 10th, was followed on September 11th, with an advise for the White House, to take Cipro and officially continued in New York, with the postponed bio drill "triPOD".

What later became worldwide famous as the anthrax letters, was first professionally drilled in the June 2001 drill, "Dark Winter".

Instead of Anthrax, Smallpox was the "pending threat".
One of the co-organizer was ANSER Institute for Homeland Security.
Few knew, that the "Homeland Security" did already exist 2 years before September 11th.
Interestingly, the very same people, who later exploited the danger of "weapons of mass destruction", had been already part of the line-up of Dark Winter:

R. James Woolsey
James Woolsey, former CIA director, former Titan Corporation (-> Project Trailblazer) and currently one of the board members of BoozAllen Hamilton.
Woolsey is also one of the members of the neocon Project for New American Century (PNAC).

In 2000, PNAC issued a report predicting that their proposed "transformation" of U.S. military and diplomatic policy in the Middle East wouldn't come very quickly, barring the occurrence of "some catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor."

9/11 was this "Pearl Harbour".

Woolsey was also appointed as Fluor's board member in January 2004, while Fluor and a partner, AMEC Plc, were competing for two federal contracts to do reconstruction work in Iraq.

AMEC was the very same company, who not only renovated the wing at the Pentagon, which was coincidentally attacked on September 11th, they also removed the rubble at Pentagon and Ground Zero.
Furthermore, AMEC was a sub-contractor of the renovation of future "hijacker" -Newark Airport, including a hangar, which was damaged by an unexplained fire on Sept 10th, one day before the attack.

Some researchers argue, that inside this hangar, during the night of the fire, a secret plane was prepared, which later replaced "Flight175", instead of leaving Boston Logan.

If this scenario is true, then possibly this plane left at Newark, on its way to New York, officially later hitting the south tower. But did it really arrive?

Or was Newark a secret spot for yet another "flight 11"?

As we know, Flight 11 existed already "twice".
We learned, that it departed at Gate 26 AND Gate 32.

flight 11 9/11

However, a quick look in the BTS aviation database and its tailnumber (N334AA) showed, that it never took off at all.

Was Flight 11 replaced by a totally different plane?

What really hit the North Tower? What kind of non-commercial aircraft is seen on many videos?
Did this plane had no windows, as also in the Dayton drill?

Let's look back to the Pentagon:

Inside the Pentagon wing, three employees of James Woolsey's BoozAllen Hamilton were working on the Satellite Surveillance Project "Trailblazer".

Together with two employees from BTG Inc., they were working on the same project.

All five got killed on September 11th. Only 10 days later, BTG was purchased by Woolsey's other former company, Titan Corporation, which also received a contract on Trailblazer by the NSA and NRO in 1998.

Back to the famous WTC7 and its background story, to a bioterror scenario:

Jerome Hauer

Jerome Hauer, once working for Kroll Associates, was mainly responsible, for organizing a security job for former ex-FBI anti-terror chief John O'Neill, at the Twin Towers, where O'Neill died on September 11th.
Less known, he also supervised the construction of the bunker in WTC7.

Hauer was former head of New York's Office for Emergency Management (OEM), which was also preparing another biodrill for September 12th, called triPOD.

But triPOD never took place, and was postponed for 2002.

Meanwhile, Kroll, is under investigation in Brazil, on allegations of illegal spying.
Kroll is owned by U.S. insurance giant Marsh & McLennan Cos., which is currently also engulfed in a scandal involving alleged bid rigging and price fixing.

There are maybe more traditional "wargames", which tried to distract from these terror drills.
One should not get distracted from new findings anymore.
It is now important, to tie the responsible "maestros" of the terror drills together, NOT the wargames.

The "war game maestros" reacted in reality to some accidents in the original script.
This track therefore might lead into nothing.

However, following the leaders of the anti-terror-drills will lead to the arrest of the real perpetrators of 9/11, and to the responsible characters of the controlled demolitions of Pentagon, WTC 1,2 and 7. Once again, the ties are strongly connected between AMEC PLc., TRW/Blackstone Group, Titan Corporation, BTG Inc., SAIC, ANZUS, BoozAllen Hamilton and others.

History highlights of most important "terror drills" and distractive "wargames"

Washington was mentally prepared of a conventional- and bio terrorattack, documented as following:
Updated 12/04

May 10th- 18th, 1998
Amalgam Brave 87 aka Amalgam Fabric Brave or Falcon- or Fencing Brave
(Amalgam Virgo Exercise (00) took place between 23 Feb-1 Mar 1986)

June 2-3, 1998
Dr. Joe Furman, DynCorp supported a workshop on "Medical Surveillance" regarding possible bio attacks.
The Workshop was organised by the US Department of Energy, Argonne National Laboratory, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, Battelle-Pantex and Lawrence Livermore NationalLaboratory

Jan. 22, 2000
James Woolsey, ex- CIA and PNAC participated in a CFR Project run as a war-game simulation at its Manhattan headquarters. ( CFR sourced it for June 2000)

May 2000
TOPOFF 1: James Woolsey participated in a bioterrorism exercise at Andrews Air Force Base.
Other participants: Sam Nunnm who played the President, Frank Keating, Frank Wisner, John White, George Terwilliger, Jerome Hauer and others.

June - July 2000
Dr. Thomas Inglesby of Johns Hopkins Institute organised other bioterrorism scenarios in Atlanta and St.Louis.

Nov 3, 2000
Don Abbott (eFilms, Fieldsoft) organised a simulated crash on the Pentagon with miniature planes and a model of the Pentagon (MASCAL).

November 28, 2000
Dr. Inglesby, Jerry Hauer, Laurie Garrett and others participated at the Second National Symposium on Bioterrorism.

April 2001
As disclosed by watchgroup POGO, "five months prior to 9/11—officials at the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) wanted to develop a response in the event that a terrorist group used an airliner as a missile to attack the Pentagon. According to the e-mail, aides to the Joint Chiefs of Staff rejected the scenario as “too unrealistic.”

May 2001
Pentagon's DiLorenzo clinic’s tri-service staff participated in a simulation exercise for
the possibility crash of a Boeing 757 airliner into the U.S. military’s headquarters.

May 2001
Unified Vision 01:
"A a high-end, small-scale contingency that has the potential to escalate to a major theater of war. It is based on a real-world military threat..."
Most possibly, a final test for the invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of the "war against Terrorism. Unified Vision 2001 may be also timely given Rumsfeld's transformation plans, as later described on Sept 10th as the Tail-To-Tooth speech.


May 2001

Unit 161 of Fort Myer Fire Department, in a sequel of Don Abbott's (Fieldsoft) November 2000-Pentagon Plane Crash exercise

June 2001:
"...United Airlines Flight 1230, a fictional flight carrying 89 passengers,
"crashed" at the Portland International Jetport on Thursday, kicking off an
emergency exercise held every three years at the airport...."
(This info was passed to me from Dulce Decorum, right after the release of this article)

June 12, 2001
Exercise Mall Strike 2001, Westmore County area around Shanksville
Anti-terrorist drill responding to a fictitious report of an explosion at the Greengate Mall.

~June/July 2001
Westmore County Drill, area around Shanksville
Drill simulating a terrorist attack, incl. Daniel Stevens, public information officer for Westmoreland County's Department of Public Safety

June 8th- 9th, 2001
"Operation Amber Sky", Dayton International Airport, Ohio
"Realistic" full-scale mock exercise, including a simulation of "a disaster at the airport".
The exercise was on runway 6R* near the Amateur Trapshoot Association grounds.

June 22-23, 2001
The US GOV organised their biggest bio terror scenario so far: DARK WINTER.

June 1-4, 2001
"Terrorist" exercise AMALGAM Virgo 01 at the Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.

July- August 2001
AMC Warfighter Exercise 2001

September 8th, 2001
Eerie County/Buffalo Niagara airport "terror drill"
"Full-scale terrorist exercise", more than 350 participants were involved in this exercise that simulated an aircraft landing with a terrorist on board and the threat of an explosive device on a plane.

September 10th, 2001
"Anti-terror meeting" at Murtha Johnstown Airport, Westmore County/Shanksville area, incl.
Sergeant Koshute (LEPC), plus Michael Hoover, Ron Springer, Ralph Saylor, Bernie McCreadie, June Kania, Mike Huss, Vikki King, Georgia Lehman and Leah Spangler.

September 11th, 2001
Fire Truck 101, Arlington County Fire Department ("Exercise")

Fort Belvoir County (Virginia) Fire Dep (Training "exercise"), together with

Fort Myer Fire Department, Heliport Station at the Pentagon ( Mirror)

Timely Alert II":
"By sheer coincidence we were scheduled to conduct a force protection exercise on Sept. 11 and because of that, some of the concrete barriers were already in place..."
(Source: Lt. Col. Stephen N. Wood, Garrison commander)

Unnamed NRO exercise:
Simulation of a plane crash into the NRO headquarters

Furthermore "wargames" Vigilant Guardian, Vigilant Warrior, Northern Vigilance and Northern Guardian

Northern Denial (pt.2?/"wargame"), according to Mike Ruppert (devel.)

Operations Research/Systems Applications Course from August 13 - November 16, 2001, at Ft. Lee, VA., city of alleged hijackers Nawaq Alhamzi and Salem Alhamzi

Exercise Ellipse Alpha, which took place between 1-14 September 2001 in an undisclosed location

A Simulation Interoperability Workshop between 09 Sept 01 - 14 Sept 01, in Orlando, Florida.

A Modeling and Simulation Staff Officers Course, in Alexandria, VA, from 10 Sept 01 - 13 Sept 01.

plus planning of
Sept 12th, 2001- Exercise
Tripod II
biowar exercise in New York City scheduled for September 12, but officially "postponed"


One can be sure, if there is already a new attack in planning, it will be connected with a terror exercise and an "infiltration" of the alleged attackers by informed observers.
Recent articles show clearly, how intelligence agencies and even the local police is specialised in manufacturing and infiltrating alleged terror drills at the same time:
A foiled plot on NY's subway, already drilled some months earlier, was put on hold, by a "confidential informant working for the NYPD", working for David Cohen, once the No. 4 spook at the CIA.
This PsyOP works so perfect, that it decides from week to week, to put the next catastrophe on hold, just depending on the political situation.


258 Air Traffic Control Squadron

Moved to Johnstown-Cambria County Airport, already on September 1, 1997.

AFB Grifiss


Grifiss AFB, apparently already closed between 1997/98
Address: 153 Brooks Road
Rome, NY 13440


Grifiss Albany airport

Distance between Grifiss and Albany airport:
103.4 miles Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 44 mins


"...AMEC Construction, Toronto, has been hired to take on the CM role. The centerpiece of the airline's $1.4-billion job, a 325,000-sq-ft concourse, opened in December. The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, which owns Newark Airport, had no comment on the case. The agency is building $2.4 billion worth of new parking, cargo, maintenance and hangar facilities and expanded access roadways as its part of the Global Gateway program..."

Dayton, Runway 6R

Here it also comes to no surprise, that, as in other cases in Newark or Washington, some particular parts of the September 11th attack, had been already involved in a renovation process:
Dayton's plan, which wasn't finished in 2001, included an "...extension of Runway 6R south by 4,400 feet and the shortening of Runway 24L by 400 feet for an ultimate runway length of 11,000 feet..."

Flight 11 hit the Pentagon
More oddities about Flight 11:
Interestingly, in one report, Flight 11 hit the Pentagon.
(lost link, will add)

Flight 93, American Airlines

What's up with AMERICAN airlines flight 93?
It was also scheduled for Newark (18:21 PM EST!, no wheels off)

Flight93 scenario, by WoodyBox (November 2004)

The *real* UA 93 pushed back from the gate at 8:01.
All the passengers we know from the passenger list
plus (probably) the "hijackers" were on board. Dahl
and Homer were the pilots. Nothing unusual so far.

8:28 The plane takes off. (as also documented at BTS)

9:16 A "hijacking exercise" begins (the pilots have
been informed previously about a drill, so they take
part on the game).

9:22 Melanie Homer sends an ACARS message to her
husband, gets no answer

9:25 The plane lands in Johnstown. The airport has
been evacuated before - apart from a "core team".

9:27 Some of the passengers and crew leave the plane
and are escorted to a "safe" place. Others stay in the
cabin and begin making phone calls...

9:31-9:58 This is the time the airfone calls happened.
Verizon has a record of these calls. So the calls
were coming from flight 93, indeed (even the cellphone
calls!) but the plane was on the ground.

Some members of the german "Phantom"-forum on ezboard speculate about Harrisburg Airport, as another possible switch for a UA93 stand-in.

Johnstown Airport

"...A short time later, Cleveland called again. The unknown aircraft was now fifteen miles south of the field, heading directly for Johnstown. The tower should be evacuated. Fritz ordered four workers to leave. Still, he saw no sign of a plane through his binoculars.
Forty-five seconds later, the Cleveland center called a third time.
Disregard the evacuation. The aircraft had turned south. Cleveland had lost radar contact."
("Among the Heroes", p. 275f)


"Logicon Task Team", part of Northrop Grumman This "task" included Veridian (in 2003 aquired by General Dynamics), Advent Systems Inc., Mountain View, EDS, Advanced Engineering & Sciences, RDR Inc., SRS Technologies. In March 2001, Logicon TASC officially announced their five-year, $57 million contract for "Trailblazer" (WP reported. Another subcontractor of Logicon TASK (diff. sp.) became Modern Technologies Corporation (MTC) of Dayton. MTC included Kenneth A. Minihan (ex-NSA, ex-DIA) and General Lawrence A. Skantze (ex -U.S. Air Force).

Veridian had also close ties with AMS (in 2004, two different parts got acquired by CGI and CACI). AMS is a NASA contractor. On their board is Neil A. Armstrong (Apollo 11), Dr. Joseph P. Allen (Apollo 15 and 17), Steven C. Beering (Eli Lily) and Dr. Sally K. Ride (mission specialist on space shuttle flights in 1983 and 1984). (from "lost war drill? pt.10")


Most obvious, some of the real perpetrators of 9/11 are also hiding at SAIC.
Controlled by at least two former CIA bosses John Deutch and Robert Gates, SAIC is meanwhile connected with one anthrax suspect, the "maintenance" of e-voting machines, former OEM-Director Jerome Hauer, some other drills, the audition of Venezuela's oil company PDVSA, plus equity partners like Bechtel, Danet, Saudi SAI, DigiLens or VeriSign.

Thoratec: Kellogg, Peter R
Inside Trading August 2004

According to New York Times tax correspondent David Cay Johnston, Peter R. Kellogg is also using the "Indian tribe" scheme to avoid paying taxes.
This scheme, technically not illegal, works like this:
Tax-exempt entities from Indian tribes to pension plans to Dutch banks with offices in the West Indies regularly "rent out" their tax-exempt status to tax cheats, for a relatively small fee and at virtually no risk to themselves.
Though sharing the same name, Peter Kellogg seems to be not related to Halliburton's KBR.
M W Kellogg is a british engineering and construction joint venture between US-based Kellogg Brown & Root and Japan-based JGC, which was acquired by Halliburton when it bought Dresser Industries in 1998. Kellogg did also side investments in mid-1990s with Alex. Brown (-Deutsche Bank)


It also became most obvious, that the official timeline of targets messed up on that morning. Following all diverted flight routes, it makes not much sense anymore, why the alleged "hijacker" attacked their targets in that particular order.

It's possible, that the order of targets was mixed up.
DaveMc Gowan has more on a possible scenario, in which in made more sense, for the "Pentagon to be the first target struck". Apparently the real perpetrators of the 9/11 drill screwed up or had been in competition with another script.

Tinker Air Force
There is another indication, what parts of "Amalgam Virgo" had been possibly reactivated on September 11th:
As "letsroll"-member Herb Briggs explained, the original Amalgam Virgo document on GlobalSecurity, was possibly altered, to distract from the 513th Air Control Group (AWACs) deployed from Tinker AFB.

According to GlobalSecurity, this group "was activated at Tinker Air Force Base, OK, on March 15, 1996". I will explain their significane further below.

In August 2004, Briggs checked the Tinker website, but there was no mention of the 513th.
Then he also looked into the air base newspaper "Tinker Take-off" and recognised, that several key issues around September 11th, 2001 are missing...
Briggs is right. In late November 2004, there are still no recent documents about 513th Air Control, in their search engine.

There is however an important detail about Tinker, which obviously had some prior knowledge about a pending attack.

On April 30, 2001, an Air Force alert was issued from Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City concerning "possible intelligence collection being conducted by Israeli Art Students."
Tinker AFB houses AWACS surveillance craft and Stealth bombers.
Commander of the 513th ACG is Colonel James L. Kerr

Between June 1-4, on Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., members of the 513th Air Control Group, tested new "fast, low-flying cruise missiles", which are hard to detect.
Was this a test for the Pentagon wing, which was later attacked on Sept 11th?

Lt. Col. Lee of Oklahoma City worked as a pilot for United Airlines. He was on call in Denver on Sept. 11, 2001, waiting to fill in if another pilot was sick or could not make a flight for any reason.

West Virginia Flight Control

From the official timeline at 9:05 a.m.:
West Virginia flight control notices a new eastbound plane entering their radar with no radio contact and no transponder identification. They are not sure if it is American Airlines Flight 77.

9/11 researcher Woodybox wonders, who is "West Virginia flight control"?
There is no long-range Air Traffic Control Center in West Virginia, so he has his doubts if this "eastbound plane" emerging at 9:05 really existed.
I also couldn't find them, but have the strange feeling, that there's possibly a connection with
West Virginia University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Other Sources

The lost war drill? Chapter 10

The lost war drill ? (Chapter 9)

The lost War drill ? (Chapter 6-8)

9/11 -The lost "war drill"?

Joe McCusker's Air Force Base List


AA11 meets UA175

Ewing2001-Swap-data (Collected Updates 10/17 -11/22), Source: BTS US Government database

American Airlines flight 11
Boeing 767
Fleet Number 334 (N334AA)
Tail Number N334AA (->N334AA reported as destroyed - but not until Jan 14 2002)
92 people aboard, including the official hijackers= not on Passenger list
Flight cancelled on September 4th
Official Route: Boston Logan -Los Angeles
(Official) Plane Arrival Time: 09/10/2001, 15:48 PM EST as FLIGHT 0196, N334AA from SFO
Official Departure Time: 7:45 AM (Official Boarding Time of Atta and Alomari)
Official Final Departure Time: 7:59 AM
BTS Flight Arrival Time: NOT POSSIBLE
BTS Tail Number Wheels-on Time: N334AA 09/10/200, 05:52 AM EST AND 15:34 PM EST (not after this date)
BTS Wheels-off Time: NONE
BTS Departure Time: NONE
Official Departure Gate: 26 (SPIEGEL, 9/11 Report) and 32 Terminal B (Boston Globe)
officially hijacked between 08:13, 08.31 AM and 08:40 AM (over Gardner, Massachusetts, Source: Controller)
officially hit the Nth tower of the WTC at 08.46 AM EST
spotted on the radar screens at 08:48 by New York ARTCC controllers
reported at 09:21 by Washington ARTCC controllers as "heading towards Washington"
reportedly at 09:24, Langley fighters were ordered to intercept the southbound Flight 11 in the Baltimore area
Screening Company: Globe Security (Source: 9/11report; bg info: *****TBD*****)

The last order from ATC to flight 11 was "turn 20 degrees right"

This sent Flight 11 in the direction of Albany airport/ Griffiss air base
etc and immediately after this contact was lost, the transponder was
switched off and so on.

The last order from ATC to flight 175 was
Controller: "United 175, turn five, turn 30 degrees to the right. I [want
to] keep you away from this traffic."
from guardian.co.uk/wtccrash/story/0,1300,575518,00.html

This line did not appear in the original transcript for Flight 175.

This order (if it is real) put flight 175 over Stewart and just after that
the transponder signal is lost and the "hijack" begins.

Was this a signal to switch of the transponders and start the hijacking exercise?

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8:13:29 — 46R: AAL11, turn 20 degrees right.
8:13:31 — AAL11: 20 right AAL11.
8:15 a.m. Boston flight control tries but fails to contact the pilots of
Flight 11, even using emergency frequencies.
8:20 a.m Flight 11 stops transmitting its IFF (identify friend or foe)
beacon signal.
8:20 a.m.Flight 11 starts to veer dramatically off course around this
8:37 a.m. Flight controllers ask the Flight 175 pilots to look for a
lost American Airlines plane 10 miles to the south
8:43 a.m. NORAD is notified that Flight 175 has been hijacked

8:46 a.m. Flight 175 stops transmitting its transponder signal,
according to some reports. It is 50 miles north of New York City, headed
toward Baltimore

United Airlines flight 175
Boeing 767 ("possibly witnessed in Shanksvile, PA and confused as UA93")
Tail Number N612UA (->N612UA - was still registered and valid after 9/11,
NOTE: original Flight 0170 with "unknown tail" has BTS-scheduled arrival time on September 11th at 22:08, but one week later changed to tail #N517UA)
NOTE: EXCLUSIVELY at JFK from 17th August to 10th September, then Newark on September 11th
65 aboard , including the official hijackers= not on Passenger list
Official Route: Boston Logan -Los Angeles (BTS 11:16 AM EST)
flying the same route as AA 11

Official Plane scheduled Arrival Time: 09/10/2001, 15:48 PM EST as FLIGHT 0170, N612UA from SFO
Official Departure Time: between 7:45 and 7:58 AM EST, at TERMINAL C
Official Final Departure Time: 8:14 AM EST (9/11 report)
BTS Flight Arrival Time/Wheel on: NOT POSSIBLE
BTS Tail Number Wheels-on Time: 09/01 N612UA DFW (Dallas FW) 17:11 (not between 09/02 and 09/11)
BTS Wheels-off Time: 8:23 (08:28 AM EST, *****TBD*****??)
BTS Actual Departure Time: 07:58 AM EST
BTS Scheduled Departure Time: 8:00 AM EST
officially hijacked (over *****TBD*****) between 08:42 and 08.55 AM (08:42 pilots reported “suspicious transmission” from AA11, 08:43 NORAD notified, NEADS already headsetted to Boston)
8:37 AM: Flight controllers ask UA 175 pilots to look for Flight 11
8:42 AM: Flight 175 veers from its official course (same time as "final departure time" flight 93)
8:46 AM: UA175 stops transmitting its transponder signal (same time as Impact Flight11)
8:47 AM: transponder code changed twice within a minute to flight 93 over NJ
8:51 AM: flight deviated from its assigned altitude (Source: 9/11 report)
officially hit the Sth Tower of the WTC at 09.03 AM EST
officially, UA175 is still missing at 12:27 PM EST and last time reported at 1:42 PM EST
Screening Company: Huntleigh USA (Source: 9/11report; bg info: *****TBD*****)

American Airlines flight 77

Boeing 757
Fleet Number 5BP (N5BPAA)

Tail Number N644AA (->N644AA reported as destroyed - but not until Jan 14 2002)
NOTE: original tail number N624aa most of end of Aug and start of Sept
N624aa was in Bostan Logan Sept 10th (as Flight 181, 11:00 AM EST)
Flight 77 was cancelled on the 5th
Diversion: UA 09/10/2001 0077 N544UA Destination: SFO Diversion: Yes
64 aboard, including the official hijackers= not on Passenger list
Official Route: Washington Dulles -Los Angeles
on route from Dulles airport (DC) to LA
(Official) Flight Arrival Time: *****TBD*****
Official Departure Time: 08:10 AM
Official Final Departure Time: 08:20 AM
BTS Flight Arrival Time: NOT POSSIBLE
BTS Tail Number Wheels-on Time: N644AA NONE (09/04 -09/11)
BTS Actual Arrival Time: N644AA NONE (09/09 -09/11)
BTS Scheduled Arrival Time: N644AA NONE (09/10 -09/11)
BTS Wheels-off Time: NONE
BTS Departure Time: NONE
NOTE: N644AA does NOT appear at all, EVER, on the BTS database (BTS changed October 2004)
officially hijacked (over *****TBD*****) at about 08.31 (NEADS/NORAD Lt.Colonel Dawne Deskins "Amalgam Virgo 01")notified by Boston Control)
~ 8:43 deviates from its flight path ( ~ same time as 175 veers from course)
8:51 AA77 transmitted its last routine radio communication
officially AA77 hit the Pentagon at 09:38 (some reports at 09:40, 09.45 AM EST)
Significances: two clocks stopped working at 09:32 AM EST
wing renovated by AMEC Plc, some witnesses worked for Renovation Team
official teacher of Hani Hanjour (observed by FBI informant) Lotfi Raissi pled unguilty
10:05:16 AM Reportedly a second aircraft has crashed into the Pentagon building

United Airlines flight 93
Boeing 757
Tail Number N591UA (->N591UA was also still registered as valid after 9/11)
45 aboard, including the official hijackers= not on Passenger list
Flight 93 began as a scheduled service from EWR (Newark) to SFO on September 5th 2001, but the first Tuesday flight in 2001, was on 9-11; there was no Newark to SF flight before
Official Route: Newark (New Jersey) to SF
(Official) Flight Arrival Time: *****TBD*****
Official Departure Time: 08:01 AM
Official Final Departure Time: 08:42 AM
BTS Flight Arrival Time: NOT POSSIBLE
BTS Tail Number Wheels-on Time 1: 09/10/2001 0078 N591UA SFO 6:54 <----!!!
but also already wheels-off again on 09/10/2001 0507 N591UA in BOSTON (!!) to ORD/Chicago 7:39 <---!!!! (BTS Tail Number Wheels-on Time 2: 09/10/2001 0642 N591UA ORD ---)
and then also wheels-off in Newark as flight 0075 N591UA to SFO 19:40 PM EST
New Tail Number Wheels-on Time (in Newark): N591UA NONE (but in SF: N591UA EWR/Newark 22:07)
Timeline continues: wheels off, SF 09/10 as N591UA/flight 078 to EWR/Newark 23:15 PM
No arrival time (of flight 078) in NEWARK after 09/10, 23:15 PM EST
BTS Flight Wheels-off Time: 08:28 AM EST
BTS Actual Departure Time: 8:01 AM EST
BTS Scheduled Departure Time: 08:00 AM EST
officially hijacked (over *****TBD*****) between 09:13, 9:16 (FAA informs NORAD) and 09.45
officially crashed in PA between 10:00-10.10 AM EST
09:30 AM transponder signal from Flight 93 ceases and radar contact is lost
09:37 AM Jeremy Glick calls his wife Lyz
09:39 AM Captain reportedly transmitted a "bomb on board"
09:58 AM Operator Glenn Cramer gets phone call from passenger about "explosion and smoke"
10:03 AM airliner turned nearly 90 degrees to the northwest
10:03 AM FBI and Cockpit Voice Recording claim 10:03 as Impact Time
10:06 AM Seismic Records show 10:06:05 as Impact Time (Phil.Daily News, September 2002 by William Bunch)
10:02:23 a hijacker said "Pull it down! Pull it down" After Jarrah had asked "Is that it? I mean, shall we put it down?" (Source: 9/11 Report)
Washington ARTC Center related to Matthew L. Wald from the New York Times spotted "flight93" that "crossed their radar screen", approaching Washington from the West (not in airspace of Washington Center)-must have been "unknown fifth plane"
Before 11: 43 AM, Flight 93 (as a Boeing 767) was reported as made an emergency landing at Cleveland Hopkins (Source: 9News/WCPO, Mayor Michael R. White)
A central debris field and several smaller debris fields some distance away.
One of the engines was officially found over half a mile away from the main field.
5 Other debris fields were found 2, 3, and 8 miles away
At one debris field, hole was five to six feet, but no plane
One tape the NTSB played for the families of the 9/11 victims ends 3 minutes early (begins at 9:31 and runs for 31 minutes, ends at ~10:01 AM. CVR is on 30 minutes recording reel, no new tape available)
NOTE: The estimated arrival times of f93 starting at 2:15pm
then it changes SOUTH of Pitt, well after it was hijacked and a new flight plan was filed to 10:28.

Other BTS data

Tracing "flight91"

Flight 91
Boeing 757 (did not see any photo of N519UA after 1998 at airliners.net)
Tail number N519UA (reportedly in 3 sources Flight 93 had same tail number, off. N591UA)
Flight 91 was originally scheduled for after 9:00 AM, as mentioned in a report:
That morning, (Mary Steiner) "called to check on her flight, Flight 91, due to leave after 9 A.M.. She moved up to Flight 93 for an earlier start..."
Officially the alleged hijackers booked their flights between August 24-29
official wheels-off time: NONE

scheduled arrival time: sept 1-sept11= N519 NONE
Actual Arrival Time: sept 1-sept11= N519 NONE
Wheels on Time: sept 1-sept6= N519 NONE
Wheels on Time: sept 7= N519 NONE, but N503UA (later =Flight91 on 09/10) arrived as Flight 0088
Wheels on Time: sept 8= N519 NONE
Wheels on Time: sept 9= N519 NONE, but N503UA (later =Flight91 on 09/10) arrived as F086 SFO, 21:42
Wheels on Time: sept 10= N519 NONE

Scheduled Departure Time: 09/01- 09/04 N519 NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/05/2001 0091 N607UA SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N521UA at 8:00)
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/06/2001 0091 N512UA SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N553UA at 8:00)
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/07/2001 0091 N532UA SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N513UA at 8:00)
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/08/2001 0091 N560UA SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N544UA at 8:00)
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/09/2001 0091 N558UA SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N517UA at 8:00)
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/10/2001 0091 N503UA SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N570UA at 8:00)
Scheduled Departure Time: 09/11/2001 0091 UNKNOW SFO 9:20 (also F93 departs with N591UA at 8:00)

(i did only some checks at "actual departure times" and "wheels of times". F91 aprx. always wheeled off at ~9:49, way to late for this alleged hijack/attack mission)

Newark (EWR)
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/10/2001 N519UA NONE
Actual Arrival Time: UA 09/10/2001 N519UA NONE
Actual Arrival Time: UA 09/11/2001 N519UA NONE
Wheels-on Time: UA 09/10/2001 N519UA NONE
Wheels-on Time: UA 09/11/2001 N519UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/10/2001 N519UA NONE, Flight91 exists with N503UA, 9:20
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/11/2001 N519UA NONE, Flight91 exists with unknown tail, 9:20
Actual Departure Time: UA 09/10/2001 N519UA NONE, Flight91 exists with N503UA, 9:35
Actual Departure Time: UA 09/11/2001 N519UA NONE, Flight91 exists with N503UA, ---
Wheels-off-Time: UA 09/10/2001 N519UA NONE, Flight91 exists with N503UA, 9:49
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/11/2001 N519UA NONE, Flight91 exists with N503UA, ---

According to Dulce Decorum, who researched repair records, he found out, "that N519UA was a heap of junk, always breaking down and needing repair, while 591 was a healthy plane"

Tracing N594

(Reminder: According to some plane spot-witnesses, Boeing 757-222 SERIAL NUMBER 28142 is flying around Chicago under the alias 594UA.
According to the FAA, N594UA Boeing 757-222 flies now with a DIFFERENT serial number, namely 28145.)

Left Newark on 09/07/2001 to San Francisco
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA SFO 07:00 AM EST
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA SFO 07:23 AM EST

Arrived in SF on 09/07:
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA EWR 10:10
Wheels-on Time: UA 09/07/2001 0081 N594UA EWR 9:46
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/07/2001 0186 N594UA IAD 11:00
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/07/2001 0186 N594UA IAD/Dulles 11:10

arrived in DC Dulles on 09/07:
Scheduled Arrival Time UA 09/07/2001 0186 N594UA SFO 19:02
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/07/2001 0225 N594UA SFO 20:00
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/07/2001 0225 N594UA SFO 20:44

arrived in SF again on 09/07:
Wheels-on Time in SF: UA 09/07/2001 0225 N594UA from IAD/Dulles 23:11
(no wheels-off on that day after this time)

checking Newark:
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/08/2001 N594UA NONE
Wheels-off Time: UA 09/08/2001 N594UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/09/2001 N594UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/09 -09/14 N594UA NONE

checking DC, found it:

Wheels-off Time: UA 09/10/2001 1179 N594UA DEN/Denver 15:56

arrived in Denver on 09/10
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/10/2001 1179 N594UA IAD 17:15
Wheels on Time: UA 09/10/2001 1179 N594UA IAD 17:07
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA SEA 17:55
Wheels-off time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA SEA 18:10

arrived in Seattle on 09/10
Scheduled Arrival Time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA DEN 19:35
Wheels-on Time: UA 09/10/2001 1197 N594UA DEN 19:25
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/10/2001 N594UA NONE
Wheels-off time: UA 09/10/2001 N594UA NONE
Scheduled Departure Time: UA 09/11 -09/12 N594UA NONE

Flight 170
Tail Number N612UA (->UA175)
Route: SF to Boston Logan, Sept 10th
Actual Arrival Time: 21:57 PM EST
I have scheduled Arrival Time: 09/10/2001, 22:08 PM EST

612UA, Source: Brad M
*612 departs JFK to SFO at 9:40 as 0845
*612 arrives SFo from JFK (flight 0845) at 12:07
*612UA(flight 170)departs SFO to Boston at 13:34 (*WOT)
*612 arrive BOS from SFO as 170 at 21:50
*612 no data leaving boston after

Flight 196 (198??)
Tail Number N334AA (->"AA11")
Route: SFO to Boston Logan
Scheduled Arrival Time: 09/10/2001, 15:48 PM EST, N334AA from SFO

Flight 642 (shown)
Route: Sept 10th 10:43 AM Chicago to Newark
Tail Number N591UA (->"UA93")
wheel on time: NONE
BTS arrival time: NONE

Flight 75 (shown)
Route: September 10th 19:40 PM EST Newark (EWR) to SFO
Tail Number N591UA (->"UA93")
wheel Off time: Newark 19:40 PM EST
Wheel on time: SF 22:07 PM EST (incl. 240 min departure delay and 70 min taxi out time)

Flight 78 (shown)
Route: SFO -*****TBD*****
Tail Number N591UA (->"UA93")
Route: SFO to Newark
wheel on time: 6:54 AM EST
wheel off time: 23:15 PM EST
actual BTS arrival time: 7:01 AM
official arrival time: NONE
wheel on time: 6:22 AM (???, *****TBD*****)

Team8+ (*temp. name)
(= Brad M., Frank Levi/the-movement.com, k-robjoe, John Doe II, Christian Walther, WoodyBox and DulceDecorum, with forthcoming member seatnieb)

Special thx to WoodyBox:
Flight 11 - The Twin Flight
The Cleveland Airport Mystery
The Secret Hijacking
How to steal an airliner and fake a hijacking (Pt.1 +2)

"Zaphod 36" and "Zeitmachine" from Phantom Board ezboard

"The Surgeon", "PerpetualYnquisitive", "Locutus" and "Herb Briggs" from the Amalgam Virgo-forum at letsroll911

Phil Jayhan for his strong contribution, at letsroll911, to also "non-pod" related topics.

Gerard Holmgren (for his groundbreaking research on BTS)

Wade Inganamort aka Valis

thx to Roy, 9/11 Truth Action, for revising some parts of this article

Barbara Honegger and Mike Kane, for their patience with me

Mike Ruppert, for mentioning my research, in his new book at Chapter 19 and 20

ADDENDUM 11/30 (!) :

Within 24 hours after the release of this article, i'm happy to add further informations from some of my correspondents:

Thanks to Dulce Decorum, i found more about the June 2001 Portland drill:

UA 1230, in this FAA test drill, was indeed also a real flight.
A quick check at BTS:

UA 06/07/2001 1230 N7271U MHT 11:51 (sched. departure)
UA 06/07/2001 1230 N7271U MHT 11:56 (wheels-off)

"...United Airlines Flight 1230, a fictional flight carrying 89 passengers,
"crashed" at the Portland International Jetport on Thursday (june 7th), kicking off an
emergency exercise held every three years at the airport...."

Thanks to Matt E., who sent me three more exciting background details about the September 11th firefighter "exercises" on the morning of September 11:

Also FIRE UNIT 101 was already in an exercise:

"...Fire Truck 101 from the Arlington County Fire Department was one of the first on the scene Tuesday morning. The truck was coming back from a training exercise, and one firefighter on board noticed a plane flying too low as they drove past the Pentagon..."

"...Fire Truck 101 from the Arlington County Fire Department was one of the first on the scene Tuesday morning. The truck was coming back from a training exercise..."

Here is also more about an intense training on Sept 11th, of the Fort Belvoir County (Virginia) fire dep:

"...As training officer for the Fort Belvoir Fire Department, Dodge has acquired an expertise on airport emergency operations because of the Belvoir department's responsibilities at Davison Army Airfield. The morning of Sept. 11 the 28-year veteran was conducting training for the Fort Myer crew on precisely that topic...
..."We didn't have access to a TV or anything," he said. "So we just kept on going with the training program. All of a sudden we heard this BOOM!..."

Fort Myer fire fighters were ALSO!! "taking a week-long class on Air Field Fire Fighting, given at the classrooms Building 219":

"...On the morning of September 11, 2001, I was assigned to the Heliport Station at the Pentagon. I was assigned there the day before as well. I should have been assigned to the Pentagon Fire Station all that week.

Fort Myer fire fighters were taking a week-long class on Air Field Fire Fighting, given at the classrooms Building 219. Mark Skipper, Dennis Young, and I had already had the training. Mike Thayer, John Pine, and Ronnie Willett also had had the training. Thayer, Pine and Willett were schedule off on 9/11...
...Mark Skipper, Dennis Young, and I were the three crew members assigned to the Pentagon Fire Station on the morning of 9/11. We arrived there about 0730. The Fire Station was new and we had only been using it since January or February of 2001. We also had a new crash truck assigned there, an Emergency One Titan 3000...

About 0830 I decided to pull the crash truck outside of the fire station and place it in a position more accessible to the heliport landing site. The truck was then parked west wall of the Pentagon and the truck facing west, towards the heliport pad. The right side of the truck was approximately 30 feet from the fire station’s apparatus door opening. (I forgot to mention the Ford Van we normally use for transport between Fort Myer and the Pentagon. It is a 15 passenger vehicle which was parked west of the fire station facing north, with it’s rear about 10 feet north of the apparatus end of the fire
station, approximately 6 feet from the side of the fire station.)

...As I said, we were expecting President Bush about Noon, which would be a Code One Stand-By..."

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