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(Photo: White Sands Center, New Mexico- 200 miles away from Albuquerque)

The lost "terror drill"? Pt.11 (A)

By Nico Haupt aka ewing2001

This final chapter includes the real reason of "wargames" as a planted distraction to "anti terror drills", two government "agents" on Delta1989 and Colgan5930?, Amalgam Virgo "1.5", Rosetta Stone, the significance of 1951, Tinker AFB, White Sands, STARS, Club Cabana, Coalminers with Tomahawks, Flight 91, the story of Dave Friedman, Scrap Yards and the WTC, a mysterious yellow cord, American Airlines in Shanksville, more from Buffalo, Dayton and the Westmore County drills, the soldier disguised as a firefighter, a passenger who died "twice", Codeshares, more BTS, the lost motel manager, Operation Provide Comfort, Honolulu and more...

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Armed conflict between states or nations (international war) or between factions within a state (civil war), prosecuted by force and having the purpose of compelling the defeated side to do the will of the victor. Among the causes of war are ideological, political, racial, economic, and religious conflicts.

A universal form of recreation generally including any activity engaged in for diversion or amusement and often establishing a situation that involves a contest or rivalry.

Preparation of soldiers for performance of their duties through the practice and rehearsal of prescribed movements. In a practical sense, drill consolidates soldiers into battle formations and familiarizes them with their weapons.

From the 1960s, international terrorist crimes, such as the hijacking of passenger aircraft, political assassinations and kidnappings, and urban bombings.
"Terror" is euphemistically termed “armed propaganda”, one of the most hideous characteristics of guerrilla warfare.

With this final chapter of "lost war drills?", now renamed into "lost terror drills?", i will try to correct an either accidentally or obvious attempt, to watering down the research of this particular angle.

Before i present new findings, we have therefore to clean up this old confusion, which I find to distract from the issue:
Terror drills prior 9/11 were different from very common, "wargames"!
This also includes other recent findings of a possible sequel of "Northern Denial" (Part 1 was from December 1 to 14, 2000) or "Timely Alert II", which took place on Sept 11th, 2001, which was just a regular "force protection exercise".

A research focus on "wargames" only, is misleading and confusing. It becomes now pretty clear, that some "wargames" during the week of Sept 11th had been arranged to distract from the "terror drills", because one of these drills was "9/11"...

Furthermore, it also should be distinguished between a live exercise, a simulation or map- and office exercises.
Wargames were obviously planted to construct a "limited hangout" later.
This indicates to me that traditional wargames research is a red herring.
The definitions above should help for further distinctions.
I therefore hope that newbie terror-drill and plane-swapping researchers will take heed.

Until September 11, there were never real wargames against "no country"
It may have been almost forgotten, but the U.S. is not fighting "against" a particular
country now: it is rather "the unknown enemy".

After September 11, a tradition was broken.
From then on, a "preventive strike" could be carried out in order to deter expected aggression by hostile forces.
The "war against terrorism" in its neocon definition does not target one particular country, and the enemy is only vaguely described.

######### #########

Terror drills vs. Wargames

There is no doubt, that 9/11 and parts of 9/11 had been pre-"terror drilled", not as wrongly described "wargamed".

With the recent results of anti-terror-drill (here now short: terror drill) and plane-swapping research, it has become clear that U.S. military and private military and intelligence contractors had enough prior and inside knowledge to know that a pending attack, including hijacked planes crashing into buildings, would occur on U.S. soil. What some of these contractor employees didn't know was that they had become part of a passive or active drill, were possibly involved in a black op, and would possibly be later killed, to destroy material witnesses.

9/11 was used as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.
Therefore, some wargames (not terror drills!) included the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.
As we now know, both invasions had been based on fabricated and demonstrably flawed evidence:
9/11 and WMD.

A new research team, Team8+ (a temporary name, for its members see below),
has compiled new findings, which show that many parts of the 9/11 operations
had been outsourced and successfully tested before.
These findings include some updates of older research, which should prove, that 9/11 was in reality an exercise and uninterrupted terror drill, which basically got "hijacked" into a real attack.

Hijacked flights as a drill -Amalgam Virgo "1.5"

9/11 was a combination of older terror drills, NOT wargames!
Major parts had been also tested during Amalgam Virgo 01 (June 2001) and during three until recently lesser-known drills in Westmore County, Buffalo and Dayton.
These three drills had odd similarities with the fate of Flight 77, Flight 11, Flight 175 and Flight 93.
Some of the participants of Amalgam Virgo are well documented.
They also prepared "Amalgam Virgo 02", which was underway for 2002.
Therefore, I decided to define 9/11 as "Amalgam Virgo 1.5."

anzus Amalgam Virgo

One of the private military contractors that might have been involved in a
secret terror drill on the morning of September 11 was ANZUS, Inc., headquartered in San Diego.
ANZUS, Inc. had already demonstrated during the June 2001 exercise
"Amalgam Virgo 01" an important interface, the "Rosetta LINK-16/Link-11 gateway"

September 11 war games drill Anzus
(Highlight to enlarge)

Tracks and data were forwarded between both links in both directions in
According to their own summary, this demonstration served as the pre-certification contractor test which was scheduled for October 2001 at JITC.

Maybe the test was already held in September?

Col. Alan Scott, who participated in Amalgam Virgo 01, confirmed to the 9/11 panel, that this exercise also included "MQM 107 drones".
The terror drill wasn't mentioned in the final 9/11 report.

rosetta stone

Rosetta Stone

One of the computer programs, Anzus used was "Rosetta SGT", a Simulation Generation Toolset (SGT), which is a high-resolution datalink scenario generator and works with modified messages "on-the-fly".
Anzus named the software after the famous Rosetta Stone, discovered in 1799 by Napoleon's armies in a small village in Egypt on the western delta of the Nile river.
This stone had three different texts scrawled across it.

Anzus also converted imagery and mapping products of NIMA, the satellite intelligence agency, which was later renamed into NGA.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Apparently also the so-called "freedom jet", known as Small Manned Aerial Radar Target, Model 1 (SMART-1), was performing for Amalgam Virgo 01*, in its role as a cruise missile surrogate.
Prime Contractors that also have employed the SMART-1 include, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), Veridian Engineering (*), Standford Research Institute (SRI) and SENTEL.


ANZUS was later also involved in the Air Operations Center (CAOC) at Prince Saudi Air Base, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom in Iraq.

It's also interesting to know that the name ANZUS resembles a military code.
It was inspired by the 1951 Australia, New Zealand and US ANZUS Security Treaty "for defence of the Pacific".

Right after 9/11, Australia offered combat military forces and invoked Article IV of the ANZUS Treaty, "declaring September 11 an attack on Australia".

amalgam virgo 2001 amalgam virgo 2001 terror drill #########

One of the programs that might have been used, to simulate false blips for "wargames" as a distraction from the "terror drills", might have been the Universal Radar Targets Simulator (URTS).
This portable simulator uses proven Digital Radio Frequency Memories (DRFM).
It permits capture of RF radar-transmitted signals in digital form. O
Once stored, the signal can be manipulated and retransmitted back to the radar.
This device was developed by the White Sands Center, NM

As mentioned in Chapter 10 (*sub chapter "software-s), the following
programs might have been overridden as well:

In late 1999, the New York Traffic Control Center in Ronkonkoma started with a transition of the Enhanced Direct Access Radar Channel System (EDARC).
As we learned in May 2004, it was revealed, that FAA manager Kevin Delaney of Ronkonkoma, destroyed some air traffic controller tapes from September 11th.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Graphic: Flight Termination System/FTS)

White Sands also used the Flight Termination System ( FTS), a system, which was developed by SPC International (System Planning Coorporation), a company formerly run by Doc Zakhaim, who became later Pentagon comptroller of the Bush Administration.
FTS is a test system for remote control and flight termination of airborne test vehicles.

Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS)
In 1997, John M. Shea, Jr., from the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) announced the STARS Human Factors Work Group.
This group, supported by MITRE Corporation "identified over 100 STARS operations that required repair or modification".
The software design coding was to be completed in September 2001.

Head of NATCA was John Carr.
Prior to his election in September 2000, he worked as an air traffic controller at Kansas City International Airport, the Chicago Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.
The very same airport, which was later part of a grounding maneouvre on September 11th (see WoodyBox).

More interestingly, Carr is married to Jill Carr, another air traffic controller who also worked at TRACON, Cleveland Hopkins Tower.

The following analysis should show, how each of the official hijacked September 11 flights and some other interesting flights, might have been part of so called active - or passive terror drills, with a stronger focus on "flight 93", than ever before, followed with a shorter analysis of "UA175", "AA11" and "AA77".

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
(Photo: Westmoreland County, Greengate Mall
The Mall, owned by J.C. Penney, was famous for their Club Cabana, which often had tabbings and shootings frequently.
The Club was shut down in February of 2001. After an unsuccesful plan, of turning the mall into a Telecom Center, dubbed "NetTech 30", all tenants received eviction notices in the summer of 2001.
The obscure mall was closed and demolished in the winter of 2003, by THF Realty.)

Flight 93 aka N591UA, Westmore County drill

My story of Flight 93 aka N591UA starts already on June 12, 2001.
On this weekend the Pittsburgh-area emergency personnel of Westmoreland
County, the area around Shanksville, had already participated in full-scale mock - disaster drills.
Once again, these drills had nothing to do with "wargames", but clearly have to be defined and distinguished as anti-terror drills:

Tribune-Review reported on the weekend of June 19th, 2001, that the U.S. Department of Defense spent nearly $23,000 to stage a 3-hour event which was called "Exercise Mall Strike 2001":
"...Participants in the anti-terrorist drill responded to a fictitious report of an explosion at the Greengate Mall. Mock victims at the scene were treated for exposure to chemical or biological contaminations...".
Interestingly, this "terror mall" was almost bancrupt and did not survive the Summer of 2001.

Possibly, either connected with the mall drill in the same time period or, as reported by Pittsburgh Tribune, a few weeks later, Westmore County held another training drill simulating a terrorist attack.
One of the responsible participants: Daniel Stevens, public information officer for Westmoreland County's Department of Public Safety .

The very same Daniel Stevens also confirmed on the morning of September 11 that the county's 911 call center received a call from a man aboard United Flight 93 over Pittsburgh at 9:58 a.m., who claimed he was locked in a bathroom.

edward Felt

Investigators believe this passenger was Edward Porter Felt.
Interestingly, Felt was computer engineer at BEA Systems, where his voice could have been easily pre-recorded, for the same purpose of a drill.

NewsNet 5 wrote more:
"...FBI Agent Wells Morrison said that ..the FBI had the tape but would not discuss its contents..."

According to the Mirror UK, the superviser who took the call has been put under a gag order by the FBI as well.

As Pittsburgh Channel revealed in September 2001, in September 2001, Flight 93 was "scheduled to land at Johnstown airport". According to air traffic manager Dennis Fritz, the "plane veered south somewhere within 15 miles of Johnstown."

Baltimore Sun reported, that air traffic controllers at Cambria County received the same information from Cleveland shortly before 10 a.m., "that a suspicious airplane was headed for Johnstown, flying much lower than it should be".
They evacuated the airport except for two control-room employees, but had trouble locating the plane.

On the morning of September 11th, yet another account seemed to confirm the odd similarities with the summer drill:
Colonel John Hugya, an administrative assistant to U.S. Rep John Murtha, said he was told that the plane initially flew over Cambria County Airport in Johnstown.

Murtha has a strong record in Congress on job development. In recent years, he has been a key to the economic-development initiatives from United Defense Systems (Carlyle), Pittsburgh Electric Engines, Inc., Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, Blairsville.

Interestingly, his 1998 Raytheon deal, subcontracted to Kuchera Defense Systems (led by former coal miner Greg Percosky), turned meanwhile into a mass production for many of the weapons being used in Iraq, from Tomahawk and Paveway missiles to Apache helicopters.

John Hugya, Murtha's assistant was also experienced with a possible terror threat.
On February 28th, 2001, Hugya represented Cambria County for the "Pennsylvania Region 13 Task Force" on Weapons of Mass Destruction, as part of a program in Pittsburgh titled "Mitigating The Terrorist Threat: The Community Leaders Role".

What was the real story of Flight 93?

Until September 4, 2001, Flight 93 did not exist in the database of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS).
In another "coincidence", many passengers of Flight 93 came originally from Flight 91.
There has never been an explanation for why Flight 91 was cancelled.
A look at its passenger manifest should show whether maybe the alleged hijackers booked for this flight. Did they know in advance that this flight would be cancelled, or didn't it matter?

The Thoratec Inside Trading connection

There is some interesting background information about Thomas E. Burnett, Jr.,
senior vice president and chief operating officer of Thoratec Corp.
According to D. Keith Grossman, president of Thoratec Corp., Burnett "was supposed to go home on Flight 91 later in the day, but he switched it to get on Flight 93."
Meanwhile it also was revealed, that Peter Kellogg, one of the Top shareholders of Thoratec, was charged by NASD with using his personal accounts to trade millions of shares of Thoratec illegally.
The "washed" sales allegedly took place in August 2001, one month before 9/11 and in the same time period when other inside trading took place also, most of it connected with prior knowledge of 9/11.

The complete list of the passengers who were not supposed to be on Flight 93 is long, with many different "explanations". Some of them had been booked on Flight 91*:

Tom Burnett changed from Flight 91 on the morning of September 11.
LLauren Grandcolas arrived early and changed from Flight 91.
Don and Jean Peterson arrived too early, then changed their plane.
Mark Bingham reserved the night before, flying on a companion pass.

Christine Snyder changed her return flight three times before finally
settling for Flight 93 (date of change unknown).
Nicole Miller missed her connection flight and therefore switched to Flight 93.
Sandy Bradshaw, wife of US Airways pilot Phil Bradshaw, cut her flights to the bare minimum, two two-day trips a month from Newark to San Francisco or to Los Angeles.
Bradshaw picked up Flight 93 late in the planning.

(*Apparently there was also a Continental Flight #548 that many passengers
wanted to take.

Its takeoff time, 8:28, was very close to that of UA 93.
Todd Beamer usually took this flight, but changed to UA 93 this time.
More on that in a forthcoming Woodybox article.)

Flight attendant Deborah Welsh had not scheduled for Flight 93, but received
an e-mail from a colleague who needed time off.
Lorraine Bay, a 37-year United veteran, had chosen Flight 93 over another
flight "because it was nonstop".

Even pilot Jason Dahl was reported as having traded a trip later in the
month for Flight 93.
There are also reports that Afro-American co-pilot, LeRoy Homer, a former Desert Storm veteran, was not supposed to fly. According to his widow, the chances of his flying that day were slim.
Interestingly, Homer once also flew Dick Cheney.
Did one of Cheney's military neocon connections ask Homer to participate in a terror-drill mission?

Another problem is the tail number of Flight 93, 591UA, which was still registered as valid following 9/11.

9/11 flight 93 friedman

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According to the statistics (screenshot excerpt above) of hobby
plane-spotter Dave Friedman, Flight 93, with its tail number N591UA, couldn't have
been the plane that officially came down in Shanksville. On his website he religiously kept track of all flights and their tailnumbers for one year of all the flights he took, including photos of the flight crews and details about the flights.
According to the FAA and BTS databases, Flight 93 was linked to tail number N591UA. Friedman listed N591UA, surprisingly, also on April 10th!, 2003.

One might argue, that Friedman made a wrong entry in his log that just happened to be the tail number of Flight 93. Whilst this is possible in principle, it is in reality improbable that this would have occurred whilst flying in the very same type of plane as Flight 93, namely, a Boeing 757-222. His log indicates that he flew on nine types of planes between 01/02/03 and 04/10/03.
So there was only one chance in nine of flying on the same type of plane as Flight 93 on the very day that he happened to enter wrongly its tail number in his log.
Such a grouping of coincidences is implausible.
As a matter of fact, Friedman wasn't even aware, that this tailnumber was tied to something famous like Flight 93, until some 9/11 researchers found his database.

What really happened with "Flight 93" aka N591UA?

Officially Flight 93 took off at 08:42 AM, 41 minutes after the official schedule.
But this can't be true. BTS shows a wheels-off-time at 08:28 AM EST.
If the official story is true, a different flight was tracked after 8:42 AM.

This would also explain, why N591UA did still exist in 2003.
Which flight and plane was tracked, and did it really arrive in Shanksville?

It is possible, that Flight 93 did exist "twice".
In one scenario, the 8:28-flight could even have turned into a mirror of UA175, in another scenario, the 8:42 flight was grounded nearby or on AFB Griffis.

Also the official timeline doesn't add up.
Officially United 93 crashed in Pennsylvania at 10:03:11, 125 miles from Washington D.C.

The precise crash time has been the subject of some dispute.
The 10:03:11 impact times is supported by previous National Transportation Safety Board analysis and by evidene from the Commission staff's analysis of radar, the flight data recorder, the cockpit voice recorder, infrared satellite data, and air traffic control transmissions" (Commission Report, p. 30).

However, the only explosion, which was noticed by seismic records of Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia Universit, was at 10:06:05.

What kind of object or event did really force these records?


And how does the official explanation of the crash of Flight 93, fit with the following statements?

At 10:04 Johnstown-Cambria County Airport reports UA93 is 15 miles south.

Col. Alan Scott's, said before the 9/11 Commission on May 23, 2003:

"At 10:07, FAA reports there may be a bomb on board 93 --that's four minutes after the impact.
At 10:15 they report that it's crashed..."


Also, on Sept 10th 2001, Flight 0078 (591UA) arrives in Newark from SFO (San Fransisco) at 6:54 wheel on time, but Flight 0507 (591UA) departs Boston Logan for ORD (Chicago) already at 7:39 wheel off time.
How many planes with the tail number 591UA did exist?

Flight 93 also operated as a code-share flight with Air Canada as Flight AC4085.
What was this about?

...and then we have some obscure witnesses:

The Rollock-Bethlehem connection

Ground "Witness" Lee Purbaugh followed a popular 9/11 researcher pattern:
It was his "2nd day of the job"

Purbaugh, worked at Rollock Inc., a scrap yard next to the crash area.
He also was the only person to "see the last seconds of Flight 93" as it came down on the former strip-mining land at reportedly 10.06am- and he recognised another "white jet".

He wasn't the only one.
Tom Spinelli, who was working at India Lake Marina, a mile and a half away, also "saw the white plane" he said.
What was this mysterious white aircraft?

According to Independent UK, Purbaugh, served three years in the US Navy.
Did someone tell him, what to say?

In another bizarre twist, almost two years later, Rollock was also interested in the takeover of Bethlehem, the very same company, who made the i-beams and girders for the Twin Towers.

indian lake crash flight 93 flight 93 shanksville crash#########

Still also unexplained, are the different "debris fields" and the anomalies of the ground.
One centers around Indian Lake about three miles from the official crash scene.
More debris was found in New Baltimore, some eight miles away.

What did really happen in Westmore County and Shanksville?


In March 2001, PBS Coals, Inc., connected with one of the flight 93-"witnesses" as well, worked on so called 7820 "dragline walking".

As one can see, they used some advanced machinery, which creates some deep furrows on the ground.
On the picture above, you can see their employees, Jay Berkey and Scott Miller watching a yellow power cord and removing tangles as the 7820 walks.

The same yellow cable appears also on the early photos of the Shanksville crash.
Some researchers argue, that one explosion was pre-prepared, others argue, the FBI just used their same equipment.

Let's look more into the history of PBS Coals:

One of their employees, Douglas W. Berkley, was hired in 1972 by Leonard Fry, owner of PBS.
Doug is now working for Mincor but he's also a captain for American Airlines, flying MD80's from the Washington D.C. crew base.

PBS is a subsidiary of Mincor, at one time itself a subsidiary of Burnett & Hallamshire of England.
B & H bought PBS in the late 1980s with help from Kuwaiti investors-thus closing an historic circle: Andrew Mellon, who with his partner Henry Clay Frick controlled large swaths of the adjoining coalfields of Westmoreland and Fayette counties, picked up the oilfields of Kuwait for his Pittsburgh-based Gulf Oil Co. while he was ambassador to England in the early 1930s. When B & H got into financial trouble, Mincorp was bought out by Citigroup.

Too many oil- and aviation coincidences all over again?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Then there is Michael Svonavec, another "witness", secretary-treasurer of the local coal company Svonavec Inc.

Michael, who turned later into a "Jim Svonavec", in an interview with American Free Press (AFP), said, his company worked at the crash site and provided excavation equipment.

He told AFP that the recovery of the engine “at least 1,800 feet into the woods, ..was done solely by FBI agents using his equipment."
Apparently Svonavec owned the area where the mine is, and they leased it to both Rollock Inc. and PBS Coals Inc.


However, there is also Ernie Stull, mayor of Shanksville.
If he wasn't quoted out of context, german filmmaker Willy Brunner documented him, saying this:

"...there was nothing there to see...Nothing...Only this hole...
The plane had completely disintegrated. Puff. It hit the ground and flew to pieces–completely..."

Dennis Roddy, a journalist, supported Ernie Stull’s story, in Brunner's documentary:
Roddy is managing editor of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Immediately after the crash, he sent a team of reporters to the crash site, which was 1 1/2 hours by automobile:

"...Plane wreckage? Nothing that I could tell...When a plane is hit by a rocket, it does not just fall out of the sky, but rather begins to break up into pieces. But that was not the case with Flight 93..."

(Photo: Crimescene at Shanksville, more here)

Meanwhile it seems, that the area around the crash, seems to be well "protected" by other interests.

In December 2003, Congressman John Murtha joined PBS Coals and The Conservation Fund to announce the donation and permanent protection of 29 acres "of hallowed ground" at the Flight 93 crash site.

This gift was the third donation of Flight 93 lands, which then totalled 175 acres.
In same December 2003, Pittsburgh-based CONSOL Energy announced that it had donated 140 acres of company-owned land to The Conservation Fund.
CONSOL Energy is a major fuel supplier to the electric power industry in the northeast quadrant of the United States.

In 2002, Tim Lambert, a Harrisburg-area resident, announced the donation of six acres toward the effort.

In November 2004, Archinect reported, that the partners of a Flight 93 Memorial Project collectively are sponsoring a Design Competition: the Families of Flight 93, the Flight 93 Advisory Commission, the Flight 93 Memorial Task Force and the National Park Service.

Before that memorial can be built, however millions of dollars must be raised or donated and thousands of acres of land acquired.

Where exactly the memorial will be built, and why it needs "thousands of acres", is yet unexplained.

Which brings us to yet another undiscovered "terror training" in this area:

terror training anti-terror meeting - Johnstown Airport 2001

The anti-terror meeting at Johnstown Airport on Sept 10th

Back to the summer drills in the Westmore County area.
According to the Department of Emergency Services of Cambria County, they had already a lot of "terror alert" activity during Summer 2001.

Too many for this small county?
(Johnstown is 16 miles north of the official crash site in Shanksville)

May 2001
A small plane crashed and killed two men, 15 miles north of Johnstown, after takeoff from the Johnstown-Cambria County Airport. The cause of the crash was not immediately disclosed.
2.5 years later, Mary Ann Guercio, widow of one of these victims, filed a lawsuit blaming the accident, in part, on a defective carburetor and unmarked power lines.

June 5, 2001
One of many other summer "terror reports" in this small area:

"...At 11:34, Cambria 9-1-1 dispatched the Westmont Fire Department to a natural
gas leak on Bucknell Avenue in Westmont Borough. An underground line was
ruptured by a construction company during an excavation project..."

Anyone remembers the "gas leak" on September 11th, when the Naudet Brothers went off to Lispenard Street, in New York City?

"...At 12:36, Cambria 9-1-1 received another call from a county financial
institution advising of a bomb threat being received at that banking site.
..No device was located. The FBI was notified.
An investigation is on-going and a PEIRS report was filed with PEMA...
...At 14:40, Cambria 9-1-1 received yet another call from a county financial
institution advising of a bomb threat being received at that banking site..."

"...On June 8th, 9th and 10th, nineteen members of the SHARP Team
participated in a National Hazmat Team Technician Certification test
conducted through Bucks County Community College..."

Also, on June 4th, the Cambria County Local Emergency Planning Committee, had a quarter meeting for year 2001.

The next meeting was scheduled for September 10th, one day before 9/11, at the air traffic control tower at the John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport.
Committee member, Sergeant James Koshute of the 258 Air Traffic Control Squadron* from the Pennsylvania Air National Guard served as the host.

Let's skip to the "Cambia September reports":

September 2, 2001 TRANSPORTATION EMERGENCY (PEIRS Log # 2001-076)

At 18:56, the control tower at the John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County Airport in Richland Township notified Cambria 9-1-1 that an aircraft with one person on-board had ran off a runway and struck a sign. The pilot was uninjured in the incident. Fire/EMS were dispatched as a precaution. County EMA was notified and a PEIRS report was filed with PE

We also learn more about the September 10th "terror" meeting at Johnstown Airport:
"..In addition to Sergeant Koshute, other LEPC members in attendance were Michael Hoover, Ron Springer, Ralph Saylor, Bernie McCreadie, June Kania, Mike Huss, Vikki King, Georgia Lehman and Leah Spangler..."

September 11:
As one plane neared Somerset County, air traffic controllers in Cleveland alerted their counterparts at John P. Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport that a plane was about 12 miles away, "heading directly at the airport at about 6,000 feet," said Joe McKelvey, the airport's executive director.
Not only Johnstown Airport was evacuated, but also the air tower at Pittsburgh International Airport, according to US Airways spokesman David Castelveter.
Was there someting, this Tower wasn't supposed to see?

These disturbing events strongly imply, that one pseudo-Flight 93 was an exercise plane and it was scheduled to land at Johnstown airport.
The LEPC meeting was there to prepare for one particular reality "drill".
They were "waiting" for 9/11.
Let's call this important part of "Amalgam Virgo 1.5", "9/11, Shanksville".

There is at least one victim of Flight 93, who might know more, too:

"I do believe that the President and his administration were responsible for Sept. 11..."

This disturbing statement from October 2004, came from Melodie Homer, widow of Leroy W. Homer Jr., copilot of UA93.

new york 9/11
buffalo map
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
flight 11

(Map: NY County Map, Buffalo Airport, Eerie County drill, BTS: No wheels-off for AA11)

Flight 11 aka N334AA, Buffalo Drill

John Ogonowski was captain of AA11. He was an Air Force fighter pilot in Vietnam.
Was Ogonowski "booked" for a secret hijack drill?

One of Flight 11's final drill test could have been 3 days prior September 11th, at the Buffalo Niagara airport, upstate NY.
This Eerie County practice run included a "full-scale terrorist exercise".
More than 350 participants were involved in the exercise that simulated an aircraft landing with a terrorist on board and the threat of an explosive device on the plane.

######### ##################

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According to a weekend report from Eerie County, "terrorists blew up an aircraft containing 82 passengers and a biological weapon".
The drill was planned for 9 months.

"Flight11" had officially 88 passengers aboard, without the alleged "hijackers".
Interestingly, also Flight 11 was part of Qantas codeshare.
Furthermore, Quantas said, that coincidentally one of its US-based staff members was travelling aboard AA11.

There are also other oddities around Flight 11 (Boston-LA) aka plane with Tail# N334AA, which point on an "extended" drill flight, AFTER the official crash into the North Tower.

According to conflicting reports, alleged "Flight 11", took off twice, at Gate 26 and Gate 32.
It is therefore possible, that some passengers entered "accidentally" a terror drilled plane and landed somewhere else?

In this possible drill scenario, the real Flight 11 hid by first turning off its transponder, flying low down the big valley in NY state, towards Albany airport and then possibly landed at AFB Griffiss (this airbase was officially closed in 1997).

Due to the two mountain ranges on either side of the river, it may well have become invisible to ATC radar.
Griffiss AFB is located in Rome, Oneida County, New York. It consists of 3,552 acres.

Here are some key frames from one of Frank Levis' Flight 11 scenarios:


As noticed by Levy, Flight 11 appears to change its flight plan at around 8:25 AM.
However, we apparently see TWO updates for Flight 11, both at 8:27 and both with Flight 175 remaining at the same spot.
How is Flight 11 in two places at 8:27, flying in two different directions?
Where is the turn and why did the radar not pick up the plane during its substantial turning circle?

A possible mirror flight (and NON-commercial aircraft) might have been also departed from Albany Airport, directing to the North Tower.

This brings us to other questions:

From all the findings on September 11th, is it possible that we may be looking at two planes?
Flight 11's transponder had been switched off or disabled early in the hijacking so the plane would have become an unidentified spot on the radar that the ATC operator would just have to assume is the real Flight 11.

Col. Dawne Daskins accidentally confirmed a possible "mirror scenario".
Daskins was already involved in a plane switch terror drill, "Amalgam Virgo 01" (June 2001).
During the day of September 11, Daskins wondered why Flight 11, "was still airborne", AFTER it officially hit the North Tower.
Did Daskins track a stand-in "Flight11"?

If "flight 11" officially hit the North Tower at 08.46 AM EST, why was it still visible on the radar screens at 08:48 AM by New York ARTCC controllers?


The french Naudet Brothers, who apparently filmed "flight11", must have recorded a different object.

Also, it looks, that not only their film team had prior knowledge (as examined by researcher Ray Ubinger), but also some of the firefighters, Cpt. Pfeifer met right after the first hit.
As one can clearly see above, one of them was obviously a soldier, disguised as a firefighter.
How did this "soldier" know at this early time, that the crash would have been declared as a military attack?
Was he possibly part of yet another coincidental FEMA exercise in New York, which was planned for September 12th: "TriPOD"?


Other disturbing questions

Why did an internal FAA memo claim, that at around 9:18 AM, two cockpit members had been stabbed and at around 9:20 AM, one of their passengers, Daniel Lewin (Seat 9B), former member of Israel's elite anti-terror commando "Sayeret Matkal" had been shot?
Was Lewin maybe involved in a passive observation or active participation of this drill?

Why was the same flight reported at 09:21 by Washington ARTCC controllers as "heading towards Washington"?

Why, reportedly at 09:24, Langley fighters were ordered to intercept the southbound Flight 11 in the Baltimore area?


Also the 9/11 family members recognised the oddities of the new flight routes of the alleged hijacked planes, when they analysed the Flight Explorer.
The families tried to invite Walter Kross, the technical specialist at the Virginia based company, but the 9/11 panel refused their request.

If you carefully analyse the official passenger list of AA11, you will realise a strong pattern of hitech-, aviation- or military background.
Did these passengers participate in a secret terror drill, but not aware about the outcome?:

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Some examples:

David P. Kovalcin, senior mechanical engineer at Raytheon in Tewksbury
Peter Gay, vice president of operations Raytheon in Andover, Mass.,
Laura Lee Morabito, national sales manager for Qantas Airways
Albert Dominguez, baggage handler for Qantas Airways
Laura Lee Morabito, Qantas Airways area sales manager

Renee Lucille Newell, American Airlines customer service agent
Kenneth E. Waldie, senior quality control engineer at Raytheon
Anna Williams Allison, founder of A2 Software Solutions
Alex Filipov, electrical engineer
N. Janis Lasden, General Electric

Daniel C. Lewin, Akamai Technologies Inc., formerly member of Israel Intelligence Unit
Renee Newell, customer service agent with American Airlines
Jane Orth, retired from Lucent Technology
Jeffrey Coombs, security analyst for Compaq Computer
Paul Friedman, consultant for Emergence Consulting
Edmund Glazer, MRV Communications

Or was "flight 11" even drilled as a pilot for a "terror" reality TV show, with real actors?:

David Angell, executive producer of the hit NBC sitcom "Frasier."
Lynn Angell, the wife of "Frasier" creator
Thomas Pecorelli, cameraman for Fox Sports and E! Entertainment Television
Berry Berenson, actress and photographer. Widow of actor Anthony Perkins
Paige Farley Hackel, 46, was a spiritual adviser
Sonia Morales Puopolo, retired ballet dancer

Furthermore 8 models or designers of TJX Cos., an off-price retailer of apparel and home fashions.
Absurde? Not more than the official theory of a kidney diseased caveman, orchestrating a military operation, with an alleged ringleader, which was apparently addicted to cocaine and strippers.

With all other disturbing patterns of convenient drills, it should be allowed, to speculate within the details. It is disturbing enough, that the 9/11 report never looked into any of these details.

Unfortunately, also the majority of 9/11 family members decided so far, not to cooperate with 9/11 terror drill researchers, which makes it more complicated to find out, if some of their loved ones had been abused for an evil drill, without knowing why.


(Graphic shows a different wheels-off time.
The official story claims, that Flight 175 departed at 8:14 a.m., 16 minutes after the scheduled departure time.)

Flight 175 aka N612UA, Buffalo Drill

Victor Saracini, a former fighter pilot of the Vietnam era, was captain of UA175.
Was he involved in a terror drill, not aware about the outcome?

Was UA175 already simulated in the Buffalo Drill as well?

Flight 175 represents the following oddities, which could point on a follow up of a previous terror drill:

One of their official "passengers", Herbert Homer (ex-Raytheon), was originally reported, as missing at the Pentagon wing, which was officially hit by Flight77.

How is this possible? What did Homer do at the Pentagon?
Did Homer also participate in the May 2001 Pentagon terror exercise, "Tricare" (see below)?

As a military contractor, was he also involved in "Project Trailblazer"?
Two of the connected companies of this pre-9/11 (!) relaunched "Star Wars" program (including a huge Satellite Surveillance and -mapping project) worked in the attacked wing:
Booz Allen Hamilton and BTG Inc.

Where did Homer really die? In the Pentagon wing or aboard UA175, which officially hit the South Tower?
Why did it take three days for the Department of Defense, until they confirmed, that Homer died on UA175, instead in the Pentagon?

Was Homer part of a secret terror drill, either at the Pentagon or on a plane?

Flight 175 was still reported as "missing", in the afternoon of September 11th, though two commercial aircrafts officially already hit the WTC.
Why was United Airlines unable to confirm, that "UA175" hit the South Tower?
Was UA175 supposed to hit another target in this drill, which wasn't finished yet?
Was that also the real target of "UA93", later possibly switched with "UA175" to hit the the Capitol or worse, "Three Miles Island", which was on the route?

Maybe the biggest cover-up took place at the FAA regional headquarters in Nashua:.
Michael McCormick, the FAA's New York air traffic manager, confirmed, that they "lost communication" with UA175. When the North Tower was hit, they knew, that UA175 must have been hijacked. What did happen during the 11 minutes, that they didn't inform New York?
Was Nashua part of the terror drill?
What kind of aircraft did they really follow?

As reported in some articles, UA175 was also a code-share flight with Air New Zealand operating as NZ9051.
However, Air New Zealand had no record of any of their ticketed passengers being onboard this flight".
A "phantom flight"?

If you carefully look into the official timeline of UA175, you also can recognise an extreme timecode synchronisation pattern, which only must point on a highly advanced military coordination, impossible to operate, without having any inside contact:

8:42 AM:
Flight 175 veers from its official course.
However, this is the SAME time, as the "final departure time" of flight 93.

8:46 AM:
UA175 stops transmitting its transponder signal.
Again, a time coincidence, because this is the very same time, when the North Tower got attacked.

8:47 AM:
The transponder code of UA175 changed now twice within a minute to flight 93 over NJ
Why was that important for this "mission"?

8:51 AM:
The flight deviated from its assigned altitude, as also confirmed in the 9/11 report.
Here we now have three coincidences too much:
Not only that at the very SAME TIME, AA77 had their official last radio communication, also George Bush arrives at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, entering the building, even though he was already aware of the first plane crash.

Too many coincidences.

Again, the old question:
NORAD had been notified at 8:47 AM.
NEADS, their technical department, was aware since at around 8:30 AM about off-course planes.
Even at around 8:47 AM, why did it take over 10 minutes to inform two F-15’s to head towards NYC, especially when one flight, identified as UA175 was apparently headed directly the city?

Here the old distraction of a "war game".

But NORAD isn't the real smoking gun, it's NEADS.
NEADS ran the wargames, to distract from the terror drills.
However, even with this distraction plot, they can't get away with an explanation of "negligence".

Remember, that also both Lt. Col. Dawne Deskins and Colonel Robert Marr, already experienced with Amalgam Virgo, started their day on 6:30 AM, running their own exercise already for the second, third, or fourth day.

Something was well coordinated at Boston Logan.
It seems to follow a precise military operation, to commandeered two nearly identical jetliners that took off just moments apart and then trying to crash them into the Twin Towers.

Already on September 11, Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., wondered about this precision:

"This was an inside job," said Neal. "We should be mindful of that in and around Logan."

Though Neal wasn't asked again, what really happened in his opinion; timeline, 9/11 report- and flight path analysis, help to come to the following scenario, here adopted from one of the Team+8 research members:

"...Since f93-1 departed at 8:28 and was "out of the picture" when UA 175 turned off its transponder west of Newark at approx. 8:47, we can conclude that UA 175 became UA 93 at this moment. You can see that in the Flight Explorer maps. Just "delete" the final 2 positions of UA 175 - and switch to the UA-93 map. You can see the exact location of the switch, then.
Remember, according to the commission report, UA 175 turned off it´s transponder twice and then came back with a new code (unidentified transponder code 3321)..." (WoodyBox)

When the flight pathes of f93 and f175 crossed each other somewhere over New Jersey (~8:50 AM), just at this moment UA-175 deviates from its projected flight path and flies South instead of west
That's an unbelievable coincidence.
It is now possible, that THIS Flight 175, might have landed in Cleveland.

Furthermore, we have to add, that United didn´t know where that plane was, until the afternoon of 9/11.

######### #########


(Photos: Amber Sky, another anti-terror drill, BTS: A77 did not depart at all)

Flight 77 aka N644AA, Amber Sky, TRICARE

Chic Burlingame was captain of most controversial flight AA77.
Burlingame was a graduate of Naval Academy and former F-4 Vietnam Veteran.
It is possible, that he was asked to participate in an anti terror drill.
According to the official database of BTS, the wheels of AA77 never took off.
Which plane was really tracked on radar?

Flight 77 may have been already exercised, during Operation Amber Sky in June 2001, at Dayton.
According to one unconfirmed witness report of nearby TRW-associated facility "Reynolds+ Reynolds", Major John Kenny, Commander Wright Patterson Air Base, placed Dayton on high alert on September 10.
Was that the last day of an "uninterrupted" exercise?:

As Dayton Biz Journal reported, on June 9, 2001, Amber Sky included a "realistic" full-scale mock exercise, including a simulation of "a disaster at the airport".
The exercise was on runway 6R* near the Amateur Trapshoot Association grounds.

DaytonMAT Team Event News, explains, that the drill started already at noon on Friday June 8 by assembling a Base of Operations or BOO at the Dayton International Airport.

More "coincidences" have to be noticed at this point:


If one carefully follow the animated route edited from the original Flight Explorer animation (see also Frank Levy!), you see that the white text "data block" for flight 77 shows a sudden altitude fluctuating down from 350 (35000 ft) to 312 and back up again all at the same spot.
Could we be looking at two planes here?

Later, at around 8:56 the plane appears to stop in south Ohio and suddenly reappears slightly further along its flight path then the blip stops moving again (9:07 AM).
AFB Dayton is only some miles away.

As Asia Times reported on Sept 13th, 2001, Qantas Airlines said that it believed six US residents were flying as Qantas codeshare AC4085, on American Airlines Flight 77.
This follows a similar pattern, as on UA175 and UA93.

The wing, which was officially attacked by AA77, was recently finished by a renovation.
In another coincidence, one of the management specialists of this renovation program, Frank Probst, turned out to be one of the earliest witnesses.
Another "witness", Don Mason, was employee of the same program.
Mason is also listed as employee of AMEC plc, which was hired for this renovation, which later also removed the evidence at Ground Zero AND the Pentagon.

It is more than obvious, that the official tail, connected with AA77, was hid by flying with no transponder into a "no primary radar" area.
It may have landed at a base or airport out West.

The official Flight 77 (with another tail!) disappeared from the radar over southern Ohio (8:57)

Additionally, Flight 77 aka N624aa was cancelled on September 5th, 2001 and did also not depart, according to the FAA database BTS.
The last time, when N624AA was recorded, was at Bostan Logan, on Sept 10th, as Flight 181, 11:00 AM EST.


There are also many other indications, that some high rank military officials had been pretty aware of an attack on the Pentagon or at least, of another secret fake terror drill, at the spot:

Newsweek journalists Evan Thomas and Mark Hosenball reported on September 24, 2001 that a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly canceled travel plans for September 11, 2001, apparently "because of security concerns". Newsweek later removed the story. The 9/11 report ignored this detail.

##################Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also the official timeline of the pentagon attack seems not to be correct:

Obviously, something, possibly forced from an explosion, knocked two clocks at the Pentagon from the wall, freezing the time.
There is just one problem. Both clocks show the time of 9:32 AM.
However, officially the Pentagon was attacked at 9:38 AM (according to some early reports).

Supporting 9:32 AM, as the real time of an explosion in the Pentagon, is also a remark in the documentary of the Naudet Brothers, which included a statement by firefighter Tony, at around the same time, who must have heard something from an undisclosed early source.
Tony's line about 'The Pentagon's on fuckin' fire?' shows a clock in the background at 9:30:06

But there is also an early WP article about Lt. Col. Art Haubold, a public affairs officer with air force, who, according to his account, was in his office on the opposite side of the complex when the plane struck. However, this early reports claims, the pentagon attack occured already "about 9:20 a.m.".

Was there something between 9:20 AM and 9:38 AM, which was important to cover-up?

There is also this report by the government health department, about a Boeing 757 crash off the end of Runway 1-19 at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) Fire Department at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

According to this report, the Arlington County Fire Training Academy (ACFD) reached the incident site "within the first 3 minutes". What time was it and what did they see?

More interestingly, the report says, the ACFD was already in a training class, since 8:30 AM, also "the crew of Engine 101 were en route to a training session in Crystal City".
Part of this "training" was possibly also the misinformation of an "airplane crash in the vicinity of the 14th Street Bridge or in Crystal City".

More secret terror drills, covered up as a "training" or "exercise"?

The report does imply, that the "training" was followed by the real incident with the words, "at 9:38 a.m... Foam 161 of the Fort Myer Fire Department, knew the exact location of the crash site..."

This means, that someone didn't want this Unit to show up at the Pentagon between 9:32 AM and 9:38 AM.

Was this a daily routine or just another one of endless coincidences of parallel "exercises", while a real attack took place?

exercise plane crash

The ACFD routinely participates in Pentagon mass casualty tabletop exercises, which isn't necessarily spectacular.

However, the SAME unit also participated in “Abbottsville” in May 2001, and full-scale terror exercises such as “Cloudy Office” in 1998.(see Chapter 10).
Furthermore, Abbotsville was already a sequel of a miniature simulation of a plane crash into the Pentagon, in October 2000, yet the White House still claims, noone could have imagined this kind of scenario.

Many other different "distractions" took place in Washington, between 9:30 and 9:38.
Here is another one:

"...just 1 minute before the Pentagon crash, in response to a 9-1-1 telephone call at 9:37 a.m., the ECC dispatched several units to an apartment fire at 1003 Wilson Boulevard in Rosslyn. Because it was located in a high-rise building, it was a substantial dispatch involving nine different fire and medical service units. Engine 103 reached the Rosslyn scene first and radioed that the apartment fire was out. Thus, by sheer coincidence, there were a significant number of units already on the road near the Pentagon at the time of the attack..."

No crash, no plane, no fire.

This means, that at least three fire units, the ACFD, Foam 161 and Engine 103, had been sent to a hoax location. Who did this and for which reason?

Flashback, Tricare Exercise May 2001:

"...No one ever imagined that a domestic plane would be used as a weapon to strike The Pentagon; but, fortuitously, because of its proximity to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, someone did imagine the accidental crash of a Boeing 757 airliner into the U.S. military’s headquarters. Last May, as part of their readiness training, the DiLorenzo clinic’s tri-service staff participated in a simulation exercise for this unlikely, but possible, event..."

Routine, Coincidence, Prior Knowledge or more?
The 9/11 Pentagon attack was drilled, period.

carlton 9/11 Pentagon attack drill

It's also interesting, to find out, who was first at the Pentagon:

"...In fact the first medical personnel at the pentagon scene on September 11th, came mostly from the Army's TriCare clinic on the ground level of the Pentagon's North.
Air Force Surgeon General, Lt. Gen. Paul K. Carlton, who had been in the Pentagon for an Air Force Chief of Staff's conference...told U.S. MEDICINE that his team had run an exercise in May with a scenario in which a 757 crashes into the Pentagon..."

Just another "coincidence"? How many more are allowed?


Then there was this report, that prior to Foam Unit 331 running low on foam, National's Foam Unit 345 was called to respond.

But the Military District of Washington displays a photo of truck 345.
It is also clearly spraying water, not foam, into the fire.
The caption under that photo reads:
"Fire truck 345 from Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Fire Department throws a stream of water into the collapsed point of impact as smoke billows from the Pentagon shortly after an airplane slammed into the west side of the building."

And there was much more going on in September 2001:

-Operations Research/Systems Applications Course from August 13 - November 16, 2001, at Ft. Lee, VA., city of alleged hijackers Nawaq Alhamzi and Salem Alhamzi

-Exercise Ellipse Alpha, which took place between 1-14 September 2001 in an undisclosed location

-A Simulation Interoperability Workshop between 09 Sept 01 - 14 Sept 01, in Orlando, Florida.

-A Modeling and Simulation Staff Officers Course, in Alexandria, VA, from 10 Sept 01 - 13 Sept 01.

-We should also not forget, that also the passenger list of AA77 included a strong pattern of high tech-, aviation- and military background connections:

John D. Yamnicky Sr., a retired naval aviator for Veridian*
William E. Caswell, a third-generation physicist at the Navy
Wilson Flagg, U.S. Navy Admiral and pilot with American Airlines before his retirement
Stanley Hall, director of program management with Raytheon
Bryan Jack, budget analyst/director with the Defense Department

Chandler "Chad" Raymond Keller, Project Manager with Boeing Satellite Systems
Dong Lee, engineer with Boeing Co.
Ruben Ornedo, another propulsion engineer with Boeing
Robert Penninger, electrical engineer with BAE Systems
Robert R. Ploger III, software architect with Lockheed Martin

John Sammartino, technical manager for XonTech Inc.
Leonard Taylor, another technical manager at XonTech
Vicki Yancey, a former naval electronics technician
Barbara Olson, Conservative TV Commentator
Karen Kincaid, partner at the Washington law firm of Wiley Rein & Fielding, on her way to attend a wireless industry conference. Wiley Rein & Fielding was also part of the Bush Cheney Transition team 2001.

Steven 'Jake' Jacoby, chief operating officer of Metrocall Inc., one of the nation's largest paging companies

Did some of them participate in a passive or active terror drill?
Did Barbara Olsen "moderate" a reality TV drill?

From all the oppressed facts around AA77, there is only one conclusion:
Too many drills, exercises or workshops in Washington, which included already pieces of the 9/11 attack, point strongly on an Inside Job.

The United States is covering up the most sophisticated crime ever in history, which by now also included 100.000 dead iraqis, 1000s of unknown afghanis, plus almost 1.500 U.S. Soldiers.
Let's now analyse some other flights, which until recently, received less attention of the swap plane/terror drill researchers...

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