George Bush wants to HEAD toward victory in Iraq, and RUB out the enemy ...

 george bush annoints leader gannon affair link to rove/eberle and pentagon mystery  
George, Jeff Gannon is smiling a bit TOO much !

  bush head Jeff Gannon 

 He is a "Hands ON" type Leader...
  bush head rubbin fool 

 bush skull rubber     GEORGE BUSH HUMOR FUNNY PHOTO

       Oh, George, is that a ....
  george bush skull and boner                bush i like brown
    Skull and BONER !!!
  or, are you just happy to see me ?

  bush skull rubber                 Mayor Rea, Rub a dub dub bush major rub

  In a FEEBLE attempt to gain intelligence,
   George Bush tries to SUCK the BRAINS out of this man...

   george Bush Sucks - Brains  

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If you DONT let me rub your skull, i will have the secret service RUB you out !

 george bush skull rubber 


happy fat buddah george Bush gets wish


      jackson impersonator rubbin    head stubble

  michael jackson young uns rub best   little uns are the smoothest

The yungun's are the smoothest...


Umm George, this male bonding thing is going TOO far...

  military training - Bush gone WILD   Bush Rubs Private   bush humor military comander  humor shrub rub military marine

This commander in chief is really in TOUCH with his troops !

I saw this on the Christian Brodcasting Network.

OK, now,

you can WALK
you can WALK
you can WALK

#########    bush musgrave kiss
Well, maybe in a couple of years....

head kiss old lady   humor shrubrub baby kiss

     shrub-rub Slovakia    bush kiss humor

Young or old, black or white, it doesnt seem to matter to our President ?!

head rub black girl     Bush head kiss sexy     Oprah kiss bush

shrub kiss              army Kiss    New Orleans head rub Bush

Bush Kiss Condi Rice yum    young black girl kiss lips  

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kissing bush    humor shrub rub Bush Kiss  Bush_Kiss.jpg

Young or old, black or white, arab, or mexican, it doesnt seem to matter to our President ?!

 kiss guys too  tounge

  Bush kiss saudi prince   bush kiss kids
baby kiss No Child Left Behind     bush mexican kid

bush sucking out baby brain  bushh and cub scout

No Child Left Behind
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another smooch from the president   katrina

kiss.jpg   smooching

YES, the photos above are actually real !

The only one i have doubts about is the vollyball picture below,
you can read about it here...

kiss tall reach basketball women   BUSH KISS VOLLEYBALL

 bush kiss blond gal - jena laura MORAL SUPPORT: Bush is kissed by an unidentified woman as his wife Laura (right) and daughters Barbara (2nd right) and Jenna look on

If you keep rubbin George, the Geenie will POP out !

shrub rub Geenie 

Young or old, black or white, arab, or mexican, human or dog,  it doesnt seem to matter to our President ?!

dog head bush dog small


bush skull bone

George bush tounge

Wow George, wadda ya gonna rub next ?

president swaps spit

Does Condi know about her ?

Young or old, black or white, arab, or mexican, human or dog, turkey or not,  it doesnt seem to matter to our President ?!

George bush poor animal turkey

Careful you don't ruffle his feathers George,
I think he is related to Tom Delay ?


Jenna Bush

George W.: Not a terrorist in sight. The "War in Iraq" must be working like a charm!

Jenna: That's specious reasoning, Dad.

George W.: Thank you, dear.

Jenna: By your logic I could claim that this pair of panties keeps tigers away.

George W.: Oh, how does it work?

Jenna: It doesn't work.

George W.: Uh-huh.

Jenna: It's just a stupid pair of panties. But I don't see any tigers around, do you?

George W.: (pause) Jenna, I want to buy your panties.
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And, Coming soon to a theater near you !
Thats One Sexy Bush !

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