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Missing "Flight 91"

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I Missed Flight 93

Upcoming Airings:
Sunday, January 29 @ 2pm/1C
Saturday, February 04 @ 11am/10C Note that a huge number of "flight93" passengers rebooked from "flight91"
Here is a summary from a team8plus-correspondent, who just watched it:

"....It was about three people who had planned to go on flight 93 but then didn't. One, whose name was given as Frank Robertazzi, said he decided to leave a little later than the time scheduled for flight 93 so he changed his ticket for a seat on flight 91, which was scheduled to leave at 9 a.m. TV viewers were given a shot of the ticket. It listed UA 91, September 11, gate 18, boarding at 8:50 a.m. According to Mr. Robertazzi, he went to the airport to catch that flight but was told it was cancelled because of the plane that flew into Tower One.
I'm not sure how this information fits the puzzle other than to point out that he obviously wasn't changed from flight 91 to flight 93. I had taped the show and wrote down Mr. Robertazzi's comment.
He said flight 91 was still waiting on the runway when news came about flight 11 and that it (flight 91) was cancelled and the airport was closed...."

Newark, NJ, Scheduled Departure Time:

UA 09/11/2001 0091 UNKNOW SFO 9:20
UA 09/11/2001 0093 N591UA SFO 8:00
Actual Departure Time:
UA 09/11/2001 0091 UNKNOW SFO 0:00
UA 09/11/2001 0093 N591UA SFO 8:01

UA 09/11/2001 0091 UNKNOW SFO 0:00
UA 09/11/2001 0093 N591UA SFO 8:28

Note, that "UA93" departed finally at 8:28 AM, but the official
version claims, it departed at 8:42.
Enough time for yet another "passenger switch":
"....This Pittsburgh Post Gazette has added a ... timeline on 10/29/01 here. Read it.
--8:42 a.m.: United Airlines flight 93 takes off from Newark International Airport. (40 minute delay from schedule 8:02)...
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 see also
Something Strange about Flight 93
Were any of the passengers supposed to be on the flight?
12 August 2005
By Frank Levi, team8plus
"...on further examination of the stories of the flight
93 passengers I found something quite startling. The following table details
all the passengers and crew that were on this flight by chance - mostly moving
from other flights. There are some, like Alan Beaven who were reluctantly
called out to last minute meetings...."

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...and more on other survivors like Boonton resident Daniel Belardinelli. It isn't clear from this article below, if he also booked for "flight 91" first....

2 Morris men linked by chance and Flight 93
A&E to profile how they cheated death on 9/11


"...Belardinelli, 43, was supposed to be with his 60-year-old uncle William Cashman, who at that very moment was on a San Francisco-bound flight
out of Newark. Several weeks before, however, Belardinelli had to cancel his plans to join his uncle for a vacation.

Around the same time that morning in New Jersey, East Hanover resident Frank Robertazzi, 47, was busy dropping off his little girl at school.
He was supposed to take an 8 a.m. flight at 8 a.m. for a business trip, but Robertazzi decided to take a later flight because he loved
taking his daughter to school. He then drove off to Newark Airport.

That was the morning of September 11, 2001. The flight that both Morris County men missed was United Airlines Flight 93 -
- the plane that plummeted to the ground in Shanksville, Pa. after the passengers on board attempted to wrestle control of the plane from the terrorists.

These two men have never met, but their lives became forever linked when they managed to cheat death after missing the same flight.
Now, their stories will be told starting this Friday in a special Arts & Entertainment Network show "I Missed Flight 93."
The show will feature Belardinelli, Robertazzi and a third woman who also was slated to fly to San Francisco that day...

...In Robertazzi's case, he boarded Flight 91, which was supposed to leave Newark at 9 a.m.
The flight never got off the ground and the passengers were told the airport was closing.

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I Missed Flight 93
Upcoming Airings:
Sunday, January 29 @ 2pm/1C
Saturday, February 04 @ 11am/10C

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 More on the profile of Frank Robertazzi
The Olympian, Jan 27, 2006

"...Frank Robertazzi, Daniel Belardinelli and Heather Ogle are among the people who ? by quirks
of fate ? narrowly escaped death by missing their flight (the infamous Flight 93) on September 11, 2001..."

Here another story, how he changed from flight 93 to flight 91.

January 26, 2006

Back in September of 2001, Frank Robertazzi of East Hanover traveled quite often between Newark and San Francisco.
He favored the 8 a.m. flight, United Airlines Flight 93. That meant he got into
California by 11 a.m., he said, which meant he could get in a business lunch after arriving.
But on September 11, 2001, Robertazzi had no lunch scheduled. And more importantly, school had just
started, and Robertazzi was having a wonderful time taking his five-year-old daughter, Aubri, to
kindergarten. So he called United and changed his flight, from Flight 93 at 8 a.m. to Flight 91 at 9

"... Maureen Robertazzi. Wife of frequent flyer supposed to be on Flight 93 9-11-01...."
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Robertazzi, another high tech specialist, protected by 9/11-Insiders in time?

...like many other September 11th 'passengers', (especially on "flight 11" and "flight 77" -both flights did not exist in the BTS database!)
also Robertazzi was a high tech specialist,
apparently in the semiconductor industry at CML Innovative, which is an aviation contractor.
Robertazzi's company is located at Hackensack, NJ 07601

"...Every aviation lamp we produce is designed to meet or exceed critical requirements for light output and service life..."

"The Global Source for the electronic manufacturing serices industry"

Jan 10, 2006

"...NEDA's 2006 Electronic and TMC Development Forum "Redefining Business Fundamentals" at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson...
...Frank Robertazzi of CML Innovative Technologies..."

No substitute for consumption
By Frank Robertazzi

"... Once again, the semiconductor industry is plumbing the depths of one of its untamed business cycles...."

"...CML Innovative Technologies is known worldwide for its ability to provide high tech solutions for applications throughout the aviation,
 automotive, consumer electronics and telecommunications industries..."

Robertazzi is also "vice president, worldwide geographic sales, semiconductor products, Agilent"

which is also an Aerospace-, Defense and Homeland Security Contractor.

Board of Directors
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John Doe II  
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posted for Brad who faces login problems:

Rory Owens Murray will forever take comfort in the final moments she spent with her husband, John, on the morning of September 11.
He was headed to work at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities in the World Trade Center and she was leaving for Newark Airport
to catch a 9:20 a.m. flight to San Francisco for a business trip.

 "When we said goodbye, it was full ofkisses and hugs and I-love-yous because we thought we wouldn't see each
other for a week," she said.
Mrs. Murray boarded United Flight 91 with her mother and 5-month-old daughter,
Alyson Rose, but it never left the gate.

The flight attendants announced that a plane had crashed into one of the World Trade Center towers. "Jack" Murray would have celebrated
his 33rd birthday September 17. "What is the hardest for me is that our daughter won't have the benefit of knowing her father," she said.
Friends have decided to compile a scrapbook of letters and photos that the child may read as she grows up, she said. "He was an amazing
father. I am sure so many people are saying that. But I do feel blessed within five months of her life, he has shaped her personality," Mrs.
Murray said. "He loved music, he loved to laugh. He was a very happy person who was at peace with himself."

The Hoboken couple married in 1999 and moved to London in 2000, returning this year for the birth of their daughter. Mr. Murray graduated from Salesianum High School in Wilmington, Del., in 1986 and Boston College in 1990. After working at  other Wall Street firms, he joined Cantor Fitzgerald in 1995, where he
was partner and director. Some described him as "driven," said his brother-in-law, Arthur Owens of Brooklyn, "but to me, he always seemed very relaxed.

 He didn't seem like a stressed-out guy. In spite of the fact of how busy he was, he was always available to his family." Five years ago, Mr. Murray founded "Putt for Progress," a foundation that raised money to study scleroderma, the chronic autoimmune disease of the connective tissue. He was an avid sportsman and a member of the Rock Spring Country Club in West Orange. Mr. Murray also is survived by his parents, Philip and Mary Louise Murray of Wilmington; two brothers, Philip and Michael; three sisters, Catherine, Virginia and Jayne, and his grandmother.

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 (*thx to Killtown for transcripting)

 (*thx to Killtown for transcripting)

A&E's 'Flight 93' gets it right, no 757 at Shanksville!
From the movie

"Is there a plane in there?"

"We don't know yet..."

"What do you mean?"

"...we're still looking for it...at first we thought it was in the hole, but there's nothing in there..."

"It must have landed in the woods, we haven't found it yet..."

"We're talking about a 757, here...it's a huge plane..."

"Yea, we know...you can help us look for it if you want..."

flight 93
flight 93

Watch the trailer here:
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 Some notes about the uncle from Belardinelli, who did not survive "flight93":
Passenger: William Cashman
Sunday, October 28, 2001
"...Cashman worked with his hands like his brother, a fellow ironworker, and father, a construction worker.
Cashman served in the early 1960s as a paratrooper in the 101st Airborne Division, known as the Screaming Eagles...."
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 flight93"- 'survivor' has multiple links with United Airlines

Female "flight93"- 'survivor' has multiple links with United Airlines

Prior Knowledge, helped out by friends of her parents?:
Jan. 30, 2006
"...Heather Ross Ogle didn't want to wake up on September 11, 2001..."
Ross' own United Airlines "connection":
"...Stanford emergency physician Heather Ross, stayed up late on September 10 at her parents' New York home.
 In the morning, September 11, she overslept and missed her 8 a.m. plane - United Airlines Flight 93...
...Ross, who is a flight surgeon for United
...John Ogle, also a staff physician in the emergency department...
...He's in the California Air National Guard. This guy jumps from airplanes..."
Did someone related with UA or the "Air Rescue Team" warned Ross in time not to take this flight and 'rescued' her as well?

Same Emergency Medicine Physician (Stanford) linked to UA and "Air Rescue Service":
Dr. Heather Ross
Role Founder
Title Co-Founder
Other Affiliations United Airlines / Stanford Hospital
Functions Strategic Planning, Public and Customer Relations, Graphic Design, Content Management, Airline Relations
Prior Experience Dr. Ross has worked as a flight surgeon at United Airlines and is an Attending Physician at the Stanford University hospital.
She has also served as aeromedical advisor for the Royal Australian Air Rescue Service. She is board certified in Emergency Medicine.
Employment History
Company Title Years
Stanford University Attending Physician 1999-2000
SC Valley Med Ctr Attending Physician 1997-2000
United Airlines Flight Surgeon 1999-2000
Institution Degree Year
Sackler School of Medicine MD 93
Dr. Heather Ross's team members of FlightPhysical
multiply linked to United Airlines and U.S. Military
FlightPhysical.com Staff -- About Our Team

Survivor-Husband promoted for NASA:
John Ogle, MD, MPH, FACEP is a commercial pilot and physician. Lt Col Ogle serves as Chief of Aerospace Medicine,
153rd MDG, WY Air National Guard.
...Flight Surgeon in the Air National Guard...part time as a airline flight surgeon for United Airlines..."
"...in September 2003, he was interviewed by NASA for a Mission Specialist Astronaut position...

Another member named "Scott Ogle" (possibly related to her husband John Ogle) is senior product manager for Merrill Lynch:

Major Tony Bondoc
"...Major in the California Air National Guard, he is an active member of the 129th Air Rescue Wing..."
Other Affiliations:
US Air Force, United Airlines
US Air Force Captain 1997-2000
United Airlines Physician's Assistant 1999-2000

Dr. Tammy Foster
US Air Force, United Airlines
Other members:
Captain Chris Callahan, United Airlines pilot with 16 years aviation experience.
 Former US Air Force pilot and corporate jet pilot...
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