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[WWW] BBC - Radio 4 - Today - Lotfi Raissi ... Lotfi Raissi, the Algerian pilot who spent five months in jail fighting off claims that he trained the September 11th hijackers, has spoken to the Today ...

[WWW] US v. Lotfi Raissi a/k/a Fabrice Vincent Algier Page 1. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT DISTRICT OF ARIZONA United States of America Plaintiff, v. Lotfi Raissi, aka Fabrice Vincent Algier, Defendant. ...

[WWW] Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Interview with Lotfi ... pilot. But when he was accused of training the September 11 suicide File Edit Options Buffers Tools Help pilots, Lotfi Raissi's dream turned into a nightmare. After ...

[WWW] Unlimited | Special reports | Lofti Raissi ... Wednesday September 11, 2002 The Guardian, Lotfi Raissi after his release. Photo: AP. We called Belmarsh "Hellmarsh". When I was sent from ...

[WWW] Lotfi Raissi bailed - 12.2.02 Lotfi Raissi bailed - 12.2.02. 13 Feb 2002. John Wadham, director

[WWW] BBC News | NEWSNIGHT | Lofti Raissi transcript ... Where is the evidence? 11/2/02. UNNAMED NEWS REPORTER: ...His name is Lotfi Raissi, a 27-year-old commercial jet pilot from Algeria...

[WWW] Suspected terrorist Lotfi Raissi Walks free from court Suspected terrorist Lotfi Raissi Walks free from court after judge rejects US extradition demand

[WWW] Algerian pilot Lotfi Raissi Algerian pilot Lofti Raissi, accused by British authorities of training four of the hijackers involved in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

[WWW] Telegraph News The FBI claims that Lotfi Raissi, 27, was "lead instructor" for at least one of the suicide hijackers involved ino attacks on New York and Washington.

[ UNITED STATES v LOFTI RAISSI - Legal Case Documents]

   One puzzling piece of evidence is that a man with the same name as suspected terrorist Alghamdi is listed as holding a Massachusetts license from 1992 to 1998, with the address of a Susse Chalet motel on Route 2 in Cambridge. It could not be determined last night whether the license holder was the same man on the hijacked flight. The Globe traced the Social Security number on the license to a man now living in Seattle who family members said in a phone interview has no link to Alghamdi.  
Must be another case of cerebral palsy --they kind they have in New Zealand.

There are 11 aliases listed for suspected hijacker Mohamed Atta, several residences in the United States and Germany, where he studied, and three German cell phone numbers no longer in use. The phone number at a Baltimore address has also been disconnected.,1,3466769.story?coll=bal-attack-utility  

Identical letters were discovered in three places. One was found inside a car parked at Dulles International Airport, starting point of the flight that crashed into the Pentagon. The second was found at the Pennsylvania crash site of United Flight 93. The third was found in the Boston luggage of Atta, who was aboard one of the planes that plunged into the World Trade Center. 

Raissi received a U.S. commercial pilot's license in January 1999, with a rating to fly a Boeing 737. Two days later, he was certified as a ground instructor, and in March 1999, he received a license to be a flight instructor.

Raissi lived in a Phoenix apartment complex and listed himself as both a student and employee at Westwind Aviation Academy, a flight school at the Phoenix Deer Valley Airport, according to the East Valley Tribune, a Mesa, Ariz., newspaper. Raissi has said he trained at Westwind in 1997 and 1998, according to documents the FBI showed to another local flight school director.

Westwind was acquired two years ago by Pan Am International Flight Academy, a Florida company. Todd Huvard, a vice president at Pan Am International, said the company was cooperating with the FBI but would not release any information to the press.

Last week, police searched Raissi's apartment in the village of Colnbrook, Berkshire, near London's Heathrow airport, and took a flight manual and a pilot's logbook that had several pages torn out, authorities said.

In an odd twist, a database search of public records shows that Raissi had used the Social Security number of a Jersey City woman who died in 1991. The woman, Dorothy Hansen, was a retired factory worker.

Hansen's grandson, Carl G. Hansen III, 37, said he had never heard of Raissi. Joyce Mastrangelo, Dorothy Hansen's daughter, said she was astounded.

"Oh my God, how did he get that?" Mastrangelo said. "My mother has been dead 10 years."

Name : RAISSI, LOTFIAirman's Address : 7 CAVENDISH CT COLERIDGE CRESCEN, 3SL0QQ, UNITED KINGDOM FAA Region : EuropeanAirman Certificates : Ground Instructor Advanced Instrument

So, they are now trying to tell us that the FAA did not bother to double check these guys credentials.

October 3, 2001

The Honorable David M. Walker
Comptroller General of the United States
U.S. General Accounting Office
441 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20548

Dear Comptroller Walker:

We need your immediate action to protect the American people from the theft of a deceased's Social Security number. Such a theft now appears to have played a role in the terrorists' attacks on our country on September 11. Social Security numbers have become too easy for criminals to use to commit fraud, and it is too difficult for regulated finance companies to prevent fraud using stolen numbers.

A Washington Post article on Saturday, September 29, reported that a man held in Great Britain, and suspected of training four of the terrorists who hijacked the airliners on September 11, used the Social Security number of a New Jersey woman who died in 1991. The woman's relatives had never heard of the suspect and were astounded at the use of the Social Security number ten years after the woman's death. It appears from the published report that the Social Security number was included in the Death Master File, raising the question how the suspect improperly re-used the number.

For several months, the Committee on Financial Services has investigated the process of collecting and distributing information on deaths and concluded that this notification system is outdated, inefficient, and untimely. We have studied other cases of identity theft and heard from constituents who suffered fraud perpetrated through the identity theft of a recently deceased family member. Fraud losses in just one case totaled more than $730,000, because the financial institutions involved did not receive timely notice of the victims' deaths. In each case, the fraud could have been prevented, or at least limited, through a more timely release of the Death Master File.

However, in the wake of news that a deceased's Social Security number might have been used by a suspect in the deadly acts inflicted on our country, the need to ensure their immediate and permanent deactivation is greater than ever. It is now a matter of the protection of our national security and the safety of each and every American.

We need to get the Social Security numbers to the credit bureaus and credit card issuers much more quickly to prevent another such incident. At a time when instantaneous and secure updating of information through the Internet has become a routine practice, we fail to see why it should take well over a month before the financial services industry receives a deceased's name and Social Security number in a complete and official file. We also need to ensure that such numbers can never be used again to improperly obtain credit or funds in any way or to verify another person's identity.

Mr. HAYWORTH. To return to your testimony about the terrorists, it says in the testimony, "Some of the terrorists may have had Social Security cards." Can you share with the Subcommittee, do we have that more definitively now? Do we know with certainty that some of the perpetrators of these horrible acts, in fact, had Social Security cards?

Mr. MASSANARI. I think we do know that. I would prefer to defer to my colleague, Inspector General Huse, who has been so much a part of this investigation. There is some indication, publicly announced by the U.S. Department of Justice, that in at least 13 of the 19 cases, the individuals may have been here lawfully and may have appropriately had Social Security numbers. But I think Mr. Huse is in a better position to talk about those instances in which some of those individuals may have gotten numbers based upon fraudulent documents. It is a part of the investigation, of course.

Mr. HAYWORTH. Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from the Inspector General. And, again, I want to thank all of you for being here and for the work you are doing in extraordinary times. And as we have seen so often with many Americans in many different walks of life, we are called upon to do extraordinary things, and we appreciate the efforts you are making that can be described as heroic to make sure that the Social Security Administration continues to serve the American people.

Thank you very much.

Chairman SHAW. Mr. Huse, how many of the terrorists had Social Security numbers?

Mr. HUSE. It is my understanding that all 19 had Social Security numbers.

Chairman SHAW. Now, how did the fact that they have Social Security numbers help them to accomplish the destruction that they did?

Mr. HUSE. There is absolutely no doubt from the record and from our investigative experiences since September 11th that these individuals, irrespective of how they came to get a Social Security number--some used fraudulent documents, some may not have; some had expired visas. In any case, the balance of them shouldn't--or wouldn't have received them had all of our systems been integrated together.

But the Social Security number, once obtained, allowed them to obtain driver's licenses, the ability to transport themselves. It allowed them to gain and obtain financial loans and credit. It enabled them to engage in commerce within the United States. Basically, it allowed them anonymity, the ability to absorb themselves into our society below the radar, if you will. And there is no doubt that the obtaining of the Social Security number is the first act that enables you to do all of these things.

Chairman SHAW. Would you walk us through the process that each of these people had to do or you would suspect they had to go through in order to obtain that number?

Mr. HUSE. At every one of the instances, they would have come to this country with some type of documentation--passport and obviously some type of a visa since they were not citizens.

Coming to the Social Security Administration, they would have brought these documents and filled out an application for--

Chairman SHAW. They would personally have to come to the Social Security Administration?

Mr. HUSE. They would personally present themselves. Correct, sir.

Chairman SHAW. Okay.

Mr. HUSE. They would then have to assure Social Security by filling out an application that they were legally inside the United States for allowable purposes: tourism, education, work, be that as it may. Then Social Security looks at these documents and determines that they are true and not counterfeit.

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