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  Ongoing Coverup

Both President (sic) Bush and Vice-President (sic) Cheney took extraordinary steps 
to limit any investigation into the events of 9/11:

All meaningful inquiry stopped in the Anthrax Attacks:

  • The anthrax was from a US Army or defense contractor site, and
  • The killer is likely a trained scientist from the US (illegal) bioweapons program.

The US Air Force is classifying everything:

  • The military radar tracking of the Flights is classified.
  • Details of the Air National Guard response and Air Force Stand down is classified.

The steel from the Twin Towers was immediately shipped abroad:

  • The Cover Up began before the dust had even settled: see WTC steel September 11 fbi investigation Coverup 9-11 Controlled Cleanup
  • All the steel needed for any real investigation is on a Slow Boat to China (and India).

The FBI and the NTSB are witholding everything:

  • Sources close to the investigation say the FBI is obstructing the NTSB review of the black box data. 
  • The only known videos that captured what hit in the Pentagon Attack (from the hotel and the September 11 fbi investigation Coverup 9-11 gas station) have been seized and withheld by the FBI.

The photos from the Pentagon security camera have been falsified.

  • The full sequence from the Pentagon security camera has been withheld by the DoD
  • What they provided skips frames and has been altered; see Pentagon Attack Cctv Video.

There has been no official inquiry into the Insider Trading

Witnesses who know too much are starting to die.



  • September 11 fbi investigation Coverup 9-11Protection of terrorists post-9/11
  • http://www.propagandamatrix.com/archiveprior_knowledge#protection (down)
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