New Pentagon Video from Judicial Watch FOIA request

You may have to hit "replay video"
Please allow several seconds for the video to load.
It doesnt do much in the first part of the film

This is the full video version of the 5 frames that were released in 2002
Remarkable, is the flash which happens well after the first explosion


Frame as shown on FOX before the "plane"  hit.

pentaon video before nose cons pokes out

Looking closaely at this, there is a police car that goes through the damaged area AFTER the explosion.
Here are some snapshots...Police car drive by

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Before nose of aircraft appears
september 11 pentagon video CCTV cam large

Nose of supposed aircraft...
september 11 pentagon video CCTV cam angle of nose pointed down   september 11 American Airlines flight 77 N644AA
Above Right: Photo of the nose of N644AA (flight 77) taken on Oct 2000

NOTE: seems to be pointing down?
Also, looking closely, it almost appears that there are 2 objects, or a double nose ?
This does not seem to be a video anomaly.
Here is the portion containing the difference between the before and after shots...
sept 11 American flight 77 no-plane
I couldnt smooth the edges with the software, but you get the general idea.
What I REALLY dont understand, is the upper portion of this ?
Also this coloring has nothing to do with a silver red and blue American Airlines livery.
I seriously doubt this is an American Airlines 757.

    9/11 nose BIG flight 77

Frame after plane hits

hi-res of the flash frame 911 video

Frame of tail from first video aired 2002

tail section flight 77 pentagon september 11

I cant make an analysis yet, but since there are a few photos and videos
that we have identified as fakes regarding the WTC,
I would not be surprised if this has been altered.

We KNOW, the audio from the first plane (flight 11) was altered.
So I cant put much faith in this.


As Mohammed Atta still alive ? jetport fake video

has been altered.

This is a Government exhibit from the Moussaoui Trial.
The time stamp on the date is 11-10-01
That would be November 11th 2001
Of course the attacks happened on September 11th.

So, could the camera have had the wrong date ?
Easy explanation right ???

NO !
The photo clearly shows MON (Monday)
November the 10th 2001 did NOT fall on a Monday.
The way the electronics in the camera works, the day of the week
should have changed with the date.
I have been working in electronics my whole life.
This isnt a mis-date from the camera.

WHY would someone alter the date ?
If they wanted to try to make the case that Mohamed Atta was in a certian place at a certian time....
Well, the explanation is too long to go into here,
Lets just say, the day this photo was supposedly taken,
Mohamed Atta was in 2 places at one time !

Meet Mohamed Atta....
BOTH of them !

Very distubing article showing that there were multiple identities of Mohamed Atta.
We KNOW that many of the hijackers
shown on TV September 11th and after are still alive

Interestingly as well.

FOX's broadcast showed MORE than the 5 frames that were released previously.
This is from the first video released in 2001,
BUT, these frames have NOT been seen before by the general public.




Why were SOME of these released, but not ALL ?
What difference would SOME frames make in the Moussaoui Trial ?
Moussaoui's lawyers could make a case that it was NOT flight 77 ?


My original analysis here...
Pentagon Video Security Gate CCTV Cam 9-11

Were some of the frames missing or faked ?
9/11 The Missing Pentagon CCTV Security gate Video Frames...

CCTV Security video gate

Pentagon Attack Cctv Video - 911-Review

Judicial Watch FOIA request


Brads 9/11 batcave

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Brads 9/11 batcave